Sliver (1993)

Too much of something, whatever that something is.

Soon after moving into one of New York City’s sought-after “sliver” apartments, sexy divorcee Carly Norris (Sharon Stone) meets two of her handsome neighbors — best-selling writer Jack Landsford (Tom Berenger) and computer software designer Zeke Hawkins (William Baldwin). But as she settles into her new digs, little does she know that an unknown admirer is keeping an eye on every move she makes, with plans to use her hidden desires against her.

So the film gained a lot of controversy mostly for the reason it showed a lot of sex, and nudity. However, it seems like this is the only reason people actually wasted their time to see it.

So what is good about this film? Well some of the sex scenes are filmed steamy and nicely shot, not to sound too perverted, but that’s all.

The film seems way too rushed and the screenplay just starts to collapse by the 20 minute mark. The lines are corny as anything and so unbelievable. And the story of how Stone is fighting between two guys, Berenger and Baldwin, its pretty obvious who she wants because she is having sex with one, and the other one is just stalking the hell out of her. The film as I stated before, is very rushed and you can tell by its terrible ending, that just happens so quickly and there is no time given to it to be powerful at all. So in other words, it sucks.

And where did the thriller element in this movie actually come into play? There is absolute no thrilling part of this movie at all. I didn’t care for these characters and what happened to them or what the little stupid mystery was, I was just on the edge of my seat waiting for the ending to finally come up.

Sharon Stone well, she’s terrible, but its not her fault. The screenplay has her written out to be this one-dimensional character who starts out as a tough as nails bitch, who then changes to a tough as nails bitch, oh that’s paranoid, and has a lot of steamy sex. Baldwin and Berenger are even worse, and show no realism with their performances and instead just drag out every line as if they were waiting for the pay check, when in reality that’s probably what they are doing. Hey, I don’t blame them.

Consensus: Silver has nothing good to it, its screenplay is written so terribly, and so dumb, that its not believable at all, much like the horrible performances from the cast.

0/10=Stay Away!!!!!!!


  1. Wow. Zero?

    I didn’t like it myself, but I don’t remember it being that awful. lol

    I do remember that I was young and going through this I have a crush on William Baldwin for some reason stage. I also remember watching Fair Game, just because he was in it.

    The silly things us girls do.

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