Our Family Wedding (2010)

I hope my wedding isn’t like this, and Carlos Mencia isn’t at it.

Forest Whitaker and funnyman Carlos Mencia butt heads as two domineering dads forced to set aside their culture-clash differences and team up to plan their children’s wedding, with only two weeks until the big day arrives. America Ferrera plays the pregnant bride-to-be opposite Lance Gross as her medical resident fiancé.

Basically think of Father of the Bride mixed with a little bit of the racism from American History X. Yes, I know, that is a terrible way to describe it although those movies are actually good.

The film has an interesting premise surprisingly, the problem here is that the film doesn’t know how to be funny one bit with its script. There are too many racist jokes that just aren’t funny, or even tasteful to say the least. I mean, for the most part at least bring out good jokes, with enough heart to satisfy its viewers, but don’t shower me down with crappy jokes, and a goat taking Viagra and humping people at a wedding. That is right, you heard exactly what I said. Goat, Viagra, humping, I thought I’d never say those words in the same sentence.

The film also has plenty, and I do mean plenty of plot holes that come right out as soon as the film gets going. In the beginning, we see that Whitaker has a job as a DJ, but that is the only time we see him doing it, and apparently due to that job hes a millionaire. How can this dude be a millionaire, when he has been at work once in the past two weeks? There is also a lot of formulaic stuff here, but the fact of the matter is that its not just a film about two clashing races, its more about an Oscar winner, and a turd comedian.

The performances are what makes this film seem a bit enjoyable I guess. Ferrera and Gross are good as a couple and you can actually see how they could turn out to be a couple, but the film takes down their chemistry so much, that you are just wishing they would get a divorce. Whitaker is likable here, but likable does not mean funny, ad that is not what he is at all. If anything, i should call him awkward, cause that is exactly what he is but not as bad as the other dude, Mencia. Carlos Mencia actually had a good show running on Comedy Central, then it got canceled, and he hasn’t really been in much since. Then he gets this script, and if I was the director I would choose anyone: George Lopez, Erik Estrada, hell even Speedy Gonzales, would be a better choice than this failed funnyman. Mencia has that hammy, terrible comedic timing, that all comedians-turned-actors dread, and for some reason I actually felt pity for Mencia, something I don’t ever want to feel again.

Consensus: Our Family Wedding may be a good movie for the family, but other than that is just written awfully, with its contrived plot, and even worse jokes, with performances that just turn out to be awkward.



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