Very Young Girls (2008)

Pimps are assholes, except for 50 Cent, whos the only good P.I.M.P

David Schisgall’s startling documentary captures the heartbreaking stories of underage girls — many as young as 13 — who’ve been forced into prostitution in New York, exposing how pimps use isolation, violence and drugs to keep girls dependent. Many of the girls interviewed take part in GEMS, a shelter and mentoring program founded by activist Rachel Lloyd — once a prostitute herself — that helps them transition out of “the life.”

So my friend Joe says I should watch thi cause one night he was checking it out and he basically said it was good ish. Well, that’s why they call it opinions people.

When it comes to documentaries of this nature, I usually look towards the more shocking things that work. However, shocking doesn’t usually mean you have a good documentary unless you actually got some engaging material, something that this film did not have.

The fact of the matter is, that i understand it was hard for these girls to go away from the life that they taken advantage from for so long, but these chicks were stupid. The GEMS was giving them a free house, free job, free food, free everything, and what do they do, go and run away with the asshole pimps that got them into this situation in the first place.

There were certain parts of this I actually liked. I thought the footage of the actual pimps were very disturbing an worked in a way for the film, but I also felt like not much of it was put into the film.

Consensus: Think of Jodie Foster from Taxi Driver, and you got a documentary on that lifestyle, but less engaging material, with people you can’t really care about.


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