My Top Ten Movie Facts!

So there has been this big bunch of tagging going around for this Top Ten Movie Facts thingy, and I have been tagged once (thank you Aiden). If you ever wanted to know anything I haven’t already told you guys about my secret movie life, so well, here goes nothing.


I actually consider (500) Days of Summer to be the best film of the decade, and call bull crap on the Oscars for not Β  even nominating this beautiful piece of work for one Oscar. Then they wonder why people don’t watch them anymore.


I’m 17 years old, and the first R-rated movie I was able to get into without showing any I.D whatsoever, was Bruno, and because it was in the summer and I let my beard grow out, and I literally looked like a 30 year old man. Here’s some proof:

That’s me on the left. Either 17 or 30 upon first viewing?? You be the judge


I have actually met Woody Harrelson in my life, the sad thing was I was 8 at the time, and my parents got the picture with him. Yes, I have been up countless nights, over the day that could have been the greatest day ever! Oh and apparently he was stoned when we met him. No shocker there!


I have a real, passionate hatred for Richard Gere. He just always struck me as this dude that thought he was such a charmer that he does these roles that are so annoying and gay, he will never be allowed back in the Man-Law. Hell, I don’t even blame Diane Lane for leaving him in Unfaithful, I would have done the same thing if I was married, and had one kid with this dude.


The one movie I actually peed myself laughing so hard at was the movie, White Chicks. Everyone, I know the movie kind of blew, but that one part, yeah, you know that one part. I just couldn’t stop laughing at, and well you know the expression, “when you gotta go, you gotta go”. Terry Crews = The Effin Man!!


People actually wonder where I watch all my movies, and I don’t have a huge collection of movies, really, nor do I barely go out to the movies. I watch all my movies either instantly on Netflix (great stuff), Youtube (just type in a movie + part 1), and then some other sites, that I’m told not to mention. Yeah, I’m just that bad-ass!


I honestly don’t get that scared easily by horror movies, but the real first movie that terrified me then, and still does is 28 Days Later. I consider it one of the best horror movies of all-time, and whenever it’s on, I cannot look away, even though I never go to sleep that night. Here’s to many sleepless nights Danny Boyle!


I’am actually one of the very few people that enjoyed every single Star Wars film, from Episode I to Episode VI. The III will always be my favorite of the “new” trilogy, but when people are smack-talking on the them, I’am easily offended, and will fight to the death for them. I got yo back George, you my boy!


I’am not a little bitch when it comes to watching movies and dropping a little tear, but I have only done that on-occasion for some movies: American History X (that ending gets me almost every time), Up (you weren’t human unless you cried at that film), and last but not least, the most guilty of all guilty pleasures, Hardball. I know its random and stupid, but don’t tell me that at least once you didn’t cry at that G-Baby scene. Keanu Reeves, I don’t care what they say about you, you will always have a special place in my heart.


The one film that will always stand the test of time for me, Saving Private Ryan. Whenever it’s on, I stop right what I’m doing, and watch the whole thing from wherever it has just begun. What is so great about this film that it actually had such an impact on me? Well, it was one of the first movies I actually watched, focused on story, characters, acting, themes, setting, direction, everything. It was one of the first movies that I realized utter beauty that could be shown in cinema, and it is one of the first movies to actually influence me into reviewing movies for what they are.

So, there, we have it everyone! Those are my 10 facts about my life when it comes to movies, that I surprisingly took a long time to think about. I hope all of you found this amusing as much as I did righting back to all the memories, good and bad, and adding slight touches of humor too my life of films.

Oh, and here’s some people that I must tag to do this ish as well.

Marc from Marc’s Movie Blog, and Frank from Pompous Film Snob.

Hit it up boys!


  1. Great list:)
    I don’t know if I can bring myself to watch “Up” my sister warned me that it would be sad…so am avoiding it. With you on Saving Private Ryan, it’s an amazing film.
    I’ve only watched snippets of 28 Days Later, it’s too scary and so real…and you met Woody Harrelson?! Lucky you!

    • I’m with you on #1, they should’ve substituted Clooney with Gordon-Levitt also for Best Actor nom! No love for Mr. Gere eh? Well I’m not a huge fan of his either, I find him kinda boring actually, sure he was hot in the pics I saw him in American Gigolo, but my heart didn’t exactly go pit-a-pat.

      LOVE that scene in 28 Days Later, not the scariest for me though, that’d be The Exorcist as I mentioned on my meme. Olive, you’ve GOT to see this flick if you like Cillian, it’s a fantastic film and I’m not even a horror fan!

  2. Hey Dan. Cool list man. I hated white chicks but watchin that clip again I have to admit I laughed all through it. The clip I mean. Groovy list.

  3. Everyone I know that is awesome and has watched “Up” cries, and honestly it’s at different points for us all, and that says a fucking lot about an animated film that my kids think is the coolest shit since Spongebob.

    You are a guy of my heart when you start talking Star Wars loyalty. The only Star Wars film I ever reviewed was The Phantom Menace (, which you may see a reposting of soon. The reason I reviewed it was because it was the only one I felt needed defending and a good smackdown to so-called Star Wars fans.

    You hit another chord with 28 Days Later, which was the first film of my adulthood to really haunt my dreams, my waking hours, and create a horrible fear of zombies.

    You rule Sir Dan.

  4. 500 days of summer is the best film ever!! i quote it like its my job and it should have been nomiated for something i mean really that film was exacuted (sp) perfectly! great list dan:)
    up can make anyone cry!

  5. I enjoyed the hell out of number 9. Luckily my local theater never bothered to check ID’s so I’ve been able to get into R rated movies since I was 15 or so. I think they know they wouldn’t get any business otherwise.

    Also, I appreciate your comment about the “new” Star Wars trilogy. I think the old is just as good as the new, but I’m not big fan either way.

    I’ve added you to our blogroll and links as well. Return the love?

  6. (500) Days of Summer was terrific and should have been shown some Oscar love…agreed. Gere is ok…does some good work. Cut the guy some slack. He’s never been nominated at all. Mr. Jones was his best work, I think. He’s just in a lot of schlocky movies. Fun list here….

  7. I hope you stop by to mount your defense of the “Star Wars” prequels when I finally get around to them Dan. πŸ™‚ I plan on shredding them mercilessly. Red Letter Media’s got nothing on me!

  8. I think it’s awesome that you think so much of (500) Days of Summer. It is one of my go-to movies and one of my absolute favorite movies I have seen yet! The thing about Woody Harrelson is really funny–of course he was stoned! Just leave out the part about you being 8 years old and your parents taking the pictures w/ him when you tell people you met him. They’ll be far more impressed then πŸ™‚

  9. I like all of the Star Wars movies also, and Ep. III was my favorite of the prequels. The Star Wars saga is the best. πŸ™‚


  10. Awesome list man. I had never seen the Star Wars movies until last summer, and out of all six of them, Episode III is my favorite. I literally sat around and waited with excitement for him to turn to the dark side. I prefer new releases and modern made over movies made from other decades, so this movie fits.
    You also have one of the absolute best movie review sites online. It’s been fun reading your reviews. Thank you for following my not as awesome blog! ha ha.

  11. You, sir, are the man for putting Saving Private Ryan at the top of the list. I watched that movie when I was 5, and I loved it, thinking it as sort of a companion piece to Band of Brothers. But, now that I’ve grown wiser with a full grown beard (it counts, even though it’s imaginary), it’s still brilliant. Just… brilliant. All I can say about it.

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