Tape (2001)

3 friends meet to what becomes the most awkward conversation ever.

After 10 years apart, three friends (Ethan Hawke, Robert Sean Leonard and Uma Thurman) reunite in a motel room to play out the unresolved drama of their final high school days. As layers of denial are peeled away, each character is provoked into revealing his or her true nature and motivation.

Tape is based on a play, that is filmed on a real digital camera, giving it that authentic feel, and shot in real-time. I liked these two ideas that director Richard Linklater does because it feels thought the 86 minutes your watching this film, your right there with them.

The film is written so well, as it feels as though its actually real-life. The dialogue after awhile, gets really harsh and terribly true, to a point of where it almost feels like your watching a documentary before your very own eyes. I liked the screenplay so much, cause it shows how people can obtain something differently, and how after 10 years of one little incident not much has changed. The film builds, and builds, and builds right up to the point of where you think what’s going to happen, doesn’t happen, and your overall, terribly shocked.

I had a problem with the film by the way it ended, and that was how not everything added up like it could have. I was sort of let down, by what actually happened to these three 10 years ago, and I think through watching this whole film, I sort of deserved to know the real answer.

I loved how the film was just a great way to show that these three actors, can sure as hell, act. Ethan Hawke is such a dick in this movie, that you want to kill him, but in some ways, he is very funny and you actually kind of enjoy him. Robert Sean Leonard is also very good here, showing a great deal of consent for his actions as the movie moves along, giving off a very believable performance.  The most memorable performance here in this film has to be Uma Thurman, her transitions from flippy manipulation, to steering honesty represents some of the best of her versicle career.

Consensus: Tape doesn’t deliver what you want, but features a realistic, well-written dialogue, that in ways is terribly true, and backed up by the three strong performances.




  1. I really like Leonard on tv’s ‘House’ so I may have to check this out. Plus I like Hawke as well.
    Nice review, I will be putting this on my Netflix queue.

  2. I’m a big fan of the three actors so you got me there. I didn’t know this was from Richard Linklater. I’m a big fan of “Before Sunset,” “Before Sunrise” and “Waking Life” so I’ll definitely check this one out.

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    About ‘Tape’: Uma Thurman, I think she’s a poor actress, so little emotion. But I would have to see Tape again to judge her performance in this, it might be her best work like you say.

    I love Linklater, he’s one of my fav directors, though I think he is a bit hit & miss, one good one, then one bad one. Disliked Dazed and Confused , The Newton Boys , Scanner Darkly. But loved Tape, Slacker, Before sunrise, Before sunset, and Waking life.

    You might also like Reality Bites, The Hottest State, both with Ethan Hawke.

    But I suggest giving Chelsea Walls a miss, it was awful!!! Too bad Hawke in my opinion has sold out in recent years.

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