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Colors (1988)

Time has not treated this movie well.

Veteran cop Bob Hodges (Robert Duvall) has nothing but contempt for his new partner, fiery rookie Danny McGavin (Sean Penn). But he comes to appreciate Danny as they patrol the mean streets of East Los Angeles, where a gang war between the Crips and Bloods is escalating.

The film is directed by Dennis Hopper, yes, that Dennis Hopper. Even though he is an actor directing a cop film, he still doesn’t hit the right note when it comes to the writing. For me, I felt like it was way too corny and just annoying listening to these guys cry on about their lives and how they want it to change, yaddda yaddda yaddda, just beat up the bad guys.

I liked Hopper’s direction, because we get to understand how these gang members, communicate, make deals, and well, kick some ass. But, I feel like every story from thhe members were the same thing. They were all highly cliched, talking in this sort of crazy jive talk, and never given anything different other than these one-note assholes.

Probably the best thing in this movie has to be the performances from Penn and Duvall. Watching these two on-screen was a real treat, because both equally showed off their great acting skills, equally. Penn is as usual doing his yelling, like he does in almost every movie. Duvall is totally bad-ass in this film, showing a side of him we never rarely see, while not forgetting to lay the occasionally whoop down on some of them bitch ass gang members. The two interact like a married couple, and I think that’s the real art of the film, is when these two are together.

Consensus: Colors has an inspired direction from Hopper, and great acting from Penn and Duvall, but just can’t get by its terrible script, and formulaic ways.



3 responses to “Colors (1988)

  1. Frank Mengarelli April 25, 2010 at 11:09 pm

    Wooooow…I really really like “Colors”! I thought it was a perfect story about two men that are the same breed from two different generations.

  2. Frank Mengarelli April 26, 2010 at 3:24 am

    “No son, we walk down and fuck all the cows”

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