Hot Shots! (1991)

Remember how Charlie Sheen was in a dramatic war movie, Platoon? Yeah, me either.

Ace pilot Topper Harley (Charlie Sheen) is obsessed with living down his father’s disastrous reputation and winning beautiful psychiatrist Ramada from professional and romantic rival Kent (Cary Elwes) — all while trying to carry out a vital military mission.

I loved all of the spoof films that come from Zucker, Abrahams, and Zucker. Aiplane!, Top Secret!, and Naked Gun are all great movies that right off the bat make you cry from laughing.

However, I barely found that same feeling here. The jokes are good I will admit. You can still tell that these writers know how to make a good gag, and run along with it for the whole remainder of the film. The film does a good job of parodying very famous and dramatic films like Dances with Wolves, and Top Gun.

However, I wish there was more of that parodying of the really serious films cause it worked very well in Top Secret! most importantly, when it basically dismantled all WWII movies. I feel like there was more time for witty writing, and better spoofs overall when it came to making jokes.

Acting was, well, were they really acting? It was great seeing Charlie Sheen in his sort of dead-pan character ways, which really makes his character fly real well with this type of material. Cary Ewles is also very funny doing a little riff on Val Kilmer’s character from Top Gun. The most random laughs I found in this movie came mostly from Lloyd Bridges, who is so random with his comments, but yet, they are so stupid, it makes it even more funny to watch him. I started to get happy as soon as I saw Jon Cryer, bringing me back to some great episodes of Two and a Half Men with him and Sheen.

Consensus: Hot Shots! may not be as funny as other spoof films of this nature, but sure as hell is witty, quick with its deliverance, and acted finely.




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