Hurlyburly (1998)

Somebody get these celebrities a tampon.

Ambition, sex, money and drugs are part of an average couple of days for 1980s Hollywood players Eddie (Sean Penn) and Mickie (Kevin Spacey) — who maintain that things wouldn’t be so bad if they could only figure out the meaning of it all.

Hurlyburly is based on the 1984 play of the same name, and just by watching this movie, I don’t think I want to see that play.

There are many problems with this film that will catch fans off guard right away. The dialogue about nothing seemed to drag on forever. Hurlyburly is the story about some upper class California men searching for the meaning of life and wrestling with women problems… and the way these men seem to want to talk forever.

It also starts off somewhere but never leads to anywhere. These are people that are so addicted to drugs, saying rude shit, and basically fucking anybody that comes in their way, that you really can’t care too much for them. I didn’t want to spend time with these people, and I just wanted to get away and not be apart of their little ass-hole conversations.

Another thing as well, did these people even work. We see these guys working once, but we don’t even know what the job is, cause they just sit there. I wondered if these people were so rich, and so high profile with their celebrity status, and buying all these drugs, then where do they get the money from? I always just kept wondering.

I felt like the screenplay was written well. Well enough that we could get a lot of good performances from the all-star cast. Sean Penn is just basically terrific in this film, showing the effects of when your high on drugs and all the emotions that pour out from the sadness and pain of being famous. Kevin Spacey is even better with his bleach hair, and giving off that calm cool feeling guy we always know and love him for. There are other people in this cast that will make you happy to see such as Meg Ryan, Chazz Palminteri, and of course almost every film that Sean Penn is in, Robin Wright Penn.

Consensus: If you are going to watch Hurlyburly, watch it for the performances, especially the amazing one by Sean Penn, but other than that stay away unless you want a terrible trip, with terrible people, that you couldn’t give two craps about.


One comment

  1. Back in the day when I saw it, I really liked it. Mainly for the performances.

    But something tells me I might not like it that much if I watched it a couple years later. I should try it ou sometime.

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