Seven Movie Questions

Hello to everyone, it seems like there is a new meme going around the web nowadays. Thankfully my good buddy at The Pork Chop Express, Kevin Blumeyer, tagged me up in this. So if you guys loved my Top Ten Movie Facts, then your going to love this, or I hope…

1. What was you first movie-going experience?

Probably my first experience of going to the movies has to be seeing Mulan back in 1998. I went with my grandparents, my cousins, and the rest of my family. From what I remember everybody was like talking, and my parents had to take me out of the theaters cause I kept talking and they smacked me. For some reason that seems to happen to me every once and awhile in today’s world.

2. How many DVDs do you own?

I would like to say 100 but I’ll hold you to that cause half of them I haven’t seen, and my whole family has had all these DVDs since I was a kid. Now cause of Netflix, and youtube, I barely even need DVDs anymore. Its a sad thing but, hey, that’s life.

3. What is your guilty pleasure movie?

My one favorite guilty pleasure movie has to be Saving Silverman. I watched this back when I was in 5th grade, on Comedy Central, and just could not stop laughing. Now that I’m older and know more, I still couldn’t stop laughing. I don’t know what it is but always hearing Neil Diamond on the radio, just makes me chuckle.

4. You’ve compiled a list of your 100 top movies. Which films didn’t make the count?

I have not made a list yet, mostly cause of all the time they inhabit. If I had to say a couple of films it would be Crazy Heart, Precious, and Chicago. I thought Chicago was honestly OK, but in all honesty defiantly not Best Picture worthy over The Pianist. Precious was this film that people were saying that was amazing, and will make you cry, however, I didn’t feel like I wanted to cry at all, I just wanted Mo’Nique to get her Oscar. Crazy Heart, has a good central performance from Bridges, and nice supporting one from Gyllenhaall, but is very run-of-the-mill, and was just a musician’s The Wrestler, hate to say it.

5. Which movie(s) do you watch compulsively over and over again?

Almost every time Saving Private Ryan is on, I just can’t take my eyes off the screen, or change the channel. But when I was in 5th grade I would always watch Mr. Deeds with my grand mom. Yeah, looking at it now, it kind of sucks, but hey it is a heart-warming movie none the less.

6. Classic(s) you’re ashamed to admit that you haven’t seen yet?

I still haven’t seen Cool Hand Luke(which Aiden loves), 2001: A Space Odyssey, and a lot of old-school epics. I haven’t seen Lawrence of Arabia in full cause by the 30 minute mark I just couldn’t handle it and I fell right asleep. I’m still pissed at myself for not having seen The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly yet! Don’t worry I queuing it up.

7. What movie posters are hanging in your room?

I wish had a lot more hanging up in my room, it’s just that I wish I had more room, in my room (pun intended), to put them in there. Also, posters aren’t exactly the cheapest things around, but I’m working on it.

1. American Beauty (it’s not what it looks like trust me)

2. Enter the Dragon (it’s mostly just a poster of Bruce Lee that say’s the title but I still count it as a poster, since Bruce Lee kicks ass)

3. American History X ( I’m glad I never really have black people or Jewish people in my room, or I’m in trouble.

So I hope all of you guys liked my answers to these cringe-worthy questions. Oh and I have to tag some peeps for this:


Pompous Film Snob

The Canadian Cinephile

You young bulls better great crackin’ on that!!


  1. Amen on Saving Private Ryan. And yes to Bruce Lee kicking ass! I ‘d love to have one of his movie poster up on my wall myself.

  2. Yes, Saving Private Ryan as your film for repetitive viewing sounds so …sad? Aaah, Mulan was a good film, not “Beauty & the Beast” brilliant but very fun and well made…and with one wicked villain.

  3. #3- If I’m going out I’m going out in a hail of gunfire.

    I should have Saving Private Ryan under the film’s I’m ashamed I haven’t seen. I have it on DVD but just haven’t gotten around to it. Maybe soon.

    Good list.

  4. So rarely do I feel like the old guy in the room, but your sentence “my whole family has had all these DVDs since I was a kid” really threw me through a loop. I don’t even think you could buy VHS tapes when I was in fifth grade! Ha… oh thirties, here I come.

  5. Right there with ya’ on Saving Silverman, funny stuff. But American History X? I think I’d kill myself if I woke up to that after a sleep over.

  6. That’s the first time I heard someone compare “Crazy Heart” to “The Wrestler,” but it’s an on-target observation!

  7. I agree about Precious. It was far more performance driven, and the story was overall lacking. I think b/c of the great performances, people thought it was a greater film than it really was.

  8. Totally agree about Chicago. Thought it was an OK movie that somehow got a ton of people behind it.

    There was a time when I watched Private Ryan over and over too. I haven’t seen it in years though now. It’s such a good movie.

    Anyway, fun list to read, keep it up.

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