Eagle Eye (2008)

I know I’ll catch a lot of heat for this, but this film isn’t as bad as everybody says.

Returning home to grieve after the shocking death of his overachieving twin brother, an aimless slacker named Jerry (Shia LaBeouf) finds himself inexplicably linked to a notorious terrorist cell and hotly pursued by federal authorities. With the nation’s law enforcement agencies hunting them down, Jerry and single mother Rachel (Michelle Monaghan) — who’s also been framed — must work around the clock to clear their names.

First of all let me focus on the negatives here. The plot is one of those big question raisers as to “can this actually happen?”. And the question to this is no, but that’s why we go to see films like this. But there are a lot of problems with this plot mostly cause it gets more insane by the second as it goes on. There is literally one scene where LaBeouf falls from a third story window, only to crash and fall on a subway railroad track, but have the strength to get up out of the trains way. Yeah, it’s very hard to believe anybody could actually do this in real-life.

Throughout the whole beginning and first hour of the film your wondering, who is actually doing all of this, and when they actually show you, you are still scratching your head. Like honestly, you could have put a dog in a high-chair and it would have been more plausible than what they had. The fact that this computer mind thingy, that actually quite resembles Hal 9000, just saying. The stuff that has to do with this computer doesn’t really entertain as much mostly due to the fact that the film doesn’t know what to say about it either. There is also a little political message like there is a “big brother” and their always watching you, didn’t really ring a huge bell for me since it just came off as stupid and unintelligent.

However, despite those negatives I still thoroughly enjoyed many other elements of the film. Director D.J. Caruso uses a lot of action to keep this story moving forward but it doesn’t feel like a Michael Bay film as its used by CGI or a computer, but it actually feels real, especially when the car crashes x6 happen. Even despite the action, the best scenes I think, are just the quiet, smooth scenes between LaBeouf and Monaghan, and actually bring a lot to the film.

I don’t care what people say about Shia LaBeouf being a pretty boy, but this boy can totally act. He’s got a lot of skill to bring out all the emotions necessary to keep his character believable. Michelle Monaghan is also great, and actually has a lot of great scenes where she is showing emotion for her son that she is trying to find. The two despite the general appeal they have, create this great chemistry together, and put a lot of heart into their scenes, as well as making you believe what is happening, is real.

The supporting cast is great with the likes of Rosario Dawson, Anthony Mackie, and Billy Bob Thornton, playing his usual smart-ass self that we all know and love him for.

Consensus: It may not be the smartest film out there, and has some very unbelievable occurrences, but Eagle Eye still entertains with its great knack for fast action, and great performances from the cast that add on a lot of heart to the story.



  1. Awwwwwwwww. Usually we see eye to eagle eye (bwahahahaha pardon the silly) but on this occasion I have to disagree. I thought this film was everything you expect from an action/special effects thrilling movie. It was smart enough to keep you on your toes and the pacing keep me wanting more and more and not really able to sit and let everything settle that had just happened. It may be a superficial film, but that’s what I love about it. Not everything has to break my brain. And Shia is a good actor. I find him charming even though he’s little.

    • Well, we aren’t really seeing eye to eagle eye, but at least you liked it, as many others I know, don’t like it, and will call me stupid for liking it.

  2. I thought it was okay and like you not as bad as everyone says. It was mildly entertaining and agree with your 5/10 rating.

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