Finally I Made It!!

It has taken for over a year now, but I’ve made into the big game now, the Large Association of Movie Blogs. I’m finally so glad to have and, now know that everything on will always be a 100%. I’m stoked cause all this hard work is finally paying off. Hopefully, something bigger can come out of this, but for now, I’ll stay with what I got. Btw check it out, neeto site!



  1. Way to go, Dan the Man! Your mom would be so proud, although if she’s like my mom would want to know just what the hell I was so excited to become a “lamb” for.

    It’s nice to get recognition for all the hard work we not-for-pay movie bloggers put into our sites (sometimes when we should be doing, ahem, real work), isn’t it? Allow yourself the entire weekend to bask in this feeling. You’ve earned it. 🙂

  2. yeah! well done! I know I felt the same when i became accepted into the LAMB-iverse. I think, simply having been consistent to write a blog for a 3 months is the big hurdle now, you just gotta keep going! Nice blog thus far!

    • I just realized that made no sense. I had three sites open in my browser and definitely sent the wrong one out, lol. Apologies. Is what I meant to say was, congratulations and keep up the super awesome work.

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