Il Postino (1995)

If poetry can get you laid like it did to this dude, I need to start brushing up on my skills.

Mario Ruoppolo (Massimo Troisi), the mailman on an Italian island, pines from afar for a beautiful waitress. But when exiled Chilean poet Pablo Neruda (Philippe Noiret) comes to live on the island, Ruoppolo delivers Neruda’s mail and picks up lessons on love, life and poetry.

This film is most noteworthy because just about a couple hours when filming was wrapped up, Massimo Troisi, had a fatal heart attack and died. Leaving the film without any showing of its lead man in real life. It sucks mostly cause the guy had great potential.

Troisi is great and likable in this performance, cause of the way his character is written. A sweet, but also kind of awkward guy, that wants nothing more to love, and be loved back, and Troisi really plays this character with enough enthusiasm to give him that quirky push. Philippe Noiret is also very good, providing this “superhero-like” figure that the film is actually going for, but we never see his real-human reactions come out by the end.

I know the film is all about the bittersweet romance it has featured in its plot. But underneath it all, is the heart-breaking story of the friendship that comes between these two. You see how these two build a bond over the one thing that they love the most, poetry. He aspires to be one, the other uses it to his advantage. It all comes together so well, with the great romance, and some witty lines as well.

The problem with this film that actually hurts it a lot, is the fact that it is kind of snooze fest in parts. It moves at a slow-pace and you feel like this film should have ended a lot earlier than it actually did. The last half of this movie, is pretty powerful, but still drags on, and if your looking to catch z’s watch this film.

Consensus: Though slow, Il Postino features great writing , about love, poetry, and the things that inspire us to write, as well as two great performances from the cast, as well as to a perfect farewell to an actor that never got his shot.



  1. I keep forgetting I saw this movie in high school. Reminds me of how many awesome English teachers I had.

    Thanks for dropping by my site and congrats on LAMB

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