Dance of the Dead (2008)

Suck it George Romero! Your not the only one who can do zombie films.

Filled with geekdom and gore, this tongue-in-cheek, teen creature feature centers on a high school prom at which the living dead await a crowd of unsuspecting students. Unfortunately for the promgoers, the only ones who can save them from zombiehood are the losers who couldn’t even get a prom date in the first place. Can the vastly different cliques band together long enough to defeat the living dead?

When the film first starts off, your watching all these teenagers in high school, going about their usual, every day, high school happenings. And you almost feel as if watching Heathers, or Clueless. But then when thing leads to another, and we got, Night of the Living Dead, with teenagers.

Its really a shame that this film didn’t get as much as exposure as it could have cause I watched this for free off of, which in other words means, the horror films nobody cares for. However, there is so many good stuff here. The screenplay is written very well, and has a great blend of action and comedy. Its dialogue is snappy, with little jokes that come quick right by you sometimes. The humor is spot on and provides a nice mix of dark humor, awkward situations and slapstick.

I was also surprised by the level of fun, low-budget zombie violence in this film. I was expecting the cheesiest gore and blood, and that’s what I got, but it felt so fun. With the budget this film is given, it seems to match the zombies just right, even though they are pretty bad looking, but its always fun to see a zombie head just blow up.

I had a couple of problems with this film that actually came off as bad to me. The zombies in this movie were really random, because sometimes they would be walking, sometimes they would be power-walking, hell sometimes they would even be driving (which they really do), and others would be running straight at you. This confused me cause I had no idea what their style of pace was, and exactly what caused them to come alive once again. I understand it has something to do with the plantation but it just made no sense as to why they all come alive as full-fleshed eating zombies.

The variety of characters that come together was an entertaining mix of nerds, cheerleaders, brains and burnouts. Jared Kusnitz is good in this lead role, and comes off as a mixture between Jesse Eisenberg, but also a slight bit of Michael J. Fox, so yeah he’s good. I also liked how in the beginning they spent a lot of time with these characters in the beginning of the film, to actually have us care enough about them, but it doesn’t drag or get boring when your watching the characters be developed.

Consensus: A nice mix between Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland, Dance of the Dead features great low-budget gore and violence, while still providing enough comedy for your enjoyment.



  1. I paid to rent this one when it was still a new release. These Ghosthouse releases are an iffy proposition but this one was actually pretty good. The characters and dialog were considerably better than I’ve come to expect from horror films featuring highschool students. And I couldn’t agree more, the gore and effects are a ton 0’fun.

  2. Yep – a movie’s got to follow its own rules, and the walking/running/driving zombies was weak.

    Anyway, I think I would have enjoyed this more in high school. In fact, the scene where the athletic girl tumbles and dodges zombies made me nostalgic for “Buffy”.


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