A Home at the End of the World (2004)

I have gay friends, however, I have never really fallen in love with one of them, and neither have I with Robin Wright Penn (dammit!).

Boyhood pals Bobby (Colin Farrell) and Jonathan (Dallas Roberts) both love the same woman (Robin Wright Penn), but in different ways. (For one thing, Jonathan is gay). Yet, undaunted, they all try to make a life together — and even have a baby.

Now I have nothing against gay people. I have gay friends, and I do consider myself a pro-homosexual person. However, when it comes to films, they are kind of hit-or-miss with me, such as this one.

I’m not quite familiar with the original subject material, however I do know that is considered a great novel, and should be read by all. Gotta put that on the to-read list. But its just that this plot here could have been so much better, instead it just feels way too contrived. The writing in all honesty didn’t feel real, it seemed like these people were just acting by the way a film would have a character act out.

The film also has a huge problem with the fact that it doesn’t quite make its characters in any way, appealing to us. Farrell’s character, Bobby, throughout the whole film is basically the guy who’s just there at points, shows up, and is always just one-note, by always being depressed about god knows what. Also, Penn’s character, didn’t feel like a real person. This chick, in real life, is almost 15 years older than both of these guys, and she can’t choose one guy over the other. If that was happening to me, I would just say to hell with it, and then she can take the gay guy. Her character lacked the motivation, and we never know too much about her, other than her hair is pretty wild now and then.

I was almost actually won over by the performances in this movie. Farrell playing against type, or miscast, or whatever, came off as really stale and never really, if at all, changed during the movie. Robin Wright Penn is good as the wild, and crazy former stoner, and brings a lot to her character, even though not much is given. She’s came a long way since Jenny. The best in this film is Dallas Roberts who gives a great performance as this sad and lonely, gay man, who never really was understood by his parents at a young age so he is taking the pain now. Great performance, just wish this guy would get more material.

Consensus: Though the performances are good, there is way too many writing errors, when it comes to plot development, and characters.



  1. Robin Wright Penn always had a damaged quality I really loved, especially in “The Pledge” with Jack Nicholson. There’s something dark about her that I find appealing; plus, she’s picked some off-the-beaten-path parts.

    I never saw the movie, but I loved the book. For comparison purposes I suppose I should see this, disappointing as it seems to be. I’ve never liked Colin Farrell, so I don’t have high hopes.

  2. Oh wow…I completely disagree on this one. I even went so far as to put this film in my Top 10 List of that year. Wonderful script, great soundtrack and honest, heartfelt performances. I thought this was a very bittersweet film and moved me very much. Interesting to read someone else’s take on it in a totally different light. I never read the book…but I did love the movie.

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