Role Models (2008)

I do actually wish there was a Sturdy Wings program in real life.

Danny (Paul Rudd) and Wheeler (Seann William Scott) have coasted their way through jobs at an energy drink company. But when their goofing off catches up with them, they’re sentenced to community service with the Sturdy Wings mentoring program. The assignment is supposed to teach them responsibility, but it just proves that they’re the last people who should be taking care of kids.

The film all starts out as a frat-boy comedy filled with just a bunch of dirty fart, beer, and sex jokes, however, that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Don’t get me wrong here, there are still plenty of sex jokes, but they are entwined with a feel-good approach to them as well. The bond between these characters is what makes this film click, however, the crude nature of the film provides plenty of laughs for the whole crowd. Its not a total game changer, but for an R-rated comedy, it does enough raunch.

The main problem with this film is that its premise is pretty ridiculous if you think about it. When it comes to a major offense, you are brought up against either, serve in a help ward, or jail time. I really doubt that actually happens in real life, if at all.

The cast was really good here and provided more laughs than what I was expecting. Paul Rudd has a couple of great scenes, where he’s being a total d-bag, like we always like him as. Seann William Scott is basically playing Stifler, but the act you can basically see, never runs dry. They both work well together, and you can tell that these two were a great match, especially when it comes to ad-libbing on screen.

Christopher Mintz-Plasse is playing McLovin again, but in all honesty I’m not expecting anything different, other than just hilarious one-liners from this dude, which I indeed got. I liked Bobb’e J. Thompson in this, however, I feel like the writers just used this kid to be so shocking, by saying the “f word” countless times, and exploiting him a bit too much.

Consensus: Though it could have been a lot better, Role Models is still a lot of raunchy hilarity, backed by the good performances of the cast, and typical R-rated fun.



  1. I really enjoyed this as light dumb fun. I’m not sure when Sean William Scott stopped being annoying, but he’s actually not half bad in this film. I think you hit the nail on the head.

  2. I think the absurdity of this movie is partially why it’s so entertaining. I would pay money to see a leader like my cousin Jane Lynch played in this film. Never. Gonna. Happen. But still funny~

  3. Actually, there’s not one thing I can think of that would have made me enjoy “Role Models” MORE. Jane Lynch? Yes. Paul Rudd paired with Sean William Scott? HELL yes. Kid who says all kinds of outrageously inappropriate things + McLovin? The check has been written.

    Best line in the whole movie:

    Sean (after seeing the demonstration of proper hugging techniques): “Obviously we’re not supposed to butt-f*ck these kids.”

  4. Role Models is a great example of one of those “dumb” comedies that just works. It is too hilarious to critique too harshly and like you said, it’s R-rated fun.

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