G.I. Jane (1997)

Changes any sexual fantasies I had about Demi Moore, forever.

Lt. Jordan O’Neil (Demi Moore), a Navy topographer chosen as a litmus test for women in combat. O’Neil trains with the elite but punishing Navy SEALs — and with a 60% dropout rate, no one expects her to succeed. But the steely-nerved and tightly muscled O’Neil attempts to prove everyone wrong. Viggo Mortensen co-stars as a crusty instructor who dishes out the grueling training regime.

A lot of people discarded this film due to its lack of an accurate portrayal of the Navy SEALS and their training- you can watch almost any documentary and will realize this is true, but who cares this is Hollywood! Where everything is totally wrong!

The screenplay is the one main thing that works, cause although it is still a big-blast summer action flick, the movie still has an idea. An idea that self-reliance, not self-pity, is the key to the feminist revolution, or any revolution. Ridley Scott directs this pick as if it were a documentary, showing the training, and how everything goes down behind closed doors, in the training, and the base itself.

The problem with this film is that there isn’t enough depth into this picture. The first part of the film raises the question as to if she’s going to make it or not, we already know the answer. But there were also parts that had to do with her sexuality, the love for her man back at home, or even the fact that she may have to go to war to fight. Some of these issues I wish were actually brought up, however, some of the stuff they had actually made it OK.

Demi Moore, is sometimes criticized for her mainly voice, and awkward body shape, however here she uses it to her advantage, and gives a great performance, probably her best. The role is demanding, using a lot of energy, strength, and muscle for the role, and Moore uses this all, even more. She looks the part, and can act the part, especially when she’s telling guys to “suck my dick”. Viggo Mortensen is good here as a guy that at first is a total d-bag, that you just wanna see get his ass beat, then, he’s suddenly a cool as hell dude.

Consensus: G.I. Jane doesn’t go far enough, but still features a great performance from Demi Moore, and an inspired script and direction from Ridley Scott.




  1. If Demi Moore’s body is “awkward,” sweet jumpin’ Jesus do I wish I was awkward!

    I agree with your argument that the film doesn’t go far enough, although it goes farther in the realm of violence against women — people are always squeamish about that but not dude-on-dude violence; I hate that double standard — than I remember most films going.

    The “suck my dick” part got cheers in the theater as I remember it. Made me feel proud to be a woman, it did.

  2. I really like this one in spite of some of it’s flaws. Demi Moore does feel a little forced at times, but I think overall she did a fine job, especially considering how far out of her comfort zone she stepped. This kind of makes me miss her in movies. She just had to go and make Strip Tease.

    Honestly, this film would be way higher on the list of rating if they had done without the cliche last mission. The story was good, the characters were great, but that whole obvious and predictable ending was just too much cheese for a movie that really tried to avoid that morbid forgone conclusion attitude.

    Best Part? Viggo fucking Mortensen

    OOH RAH Master Chief

  3. It’s entertaining enough, but I think a lot of the dramatics were overplayed to the point that they became pretty stupid and ridiculous.

    But Viggo was really great in this, playing a real scumbag character and I enjoyed just about every scene he was in. Demi Moore, on the other hand, didn’t do anything for me.

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