The Happy 101 Award

My beautiful Olive, of Movie News First (check it out!), has recently tagged me in this new, sexy, cool meme. It’s like a major award, in a way where we express our feelings for 10 things that bring us joy. Well here goes nothing….

1. Friends- without them I wouldn’t be alive, through all the crap they have helped me with, just everything.

2. Family- for somehow being able to be able to up with me. Trust me people it’s hard

3. Music- for always being there no matter what, especially when no one else was.

4. Movies- always being there to entertain me, make me laugh, make me cry, and just take me into a world I never want to leave.

5. Writing- hey, it sucks when your writing it all, but when it’s done, it looks great, and you feel acomplished.

6. Food- no brainer right there.

7. Mountain Dew (or soda)- for getting me to be a wild man when I needed it. Although it’s become my new addiction, trying to stop, hopefully by the time I start having babies, not like I don’t already have em. Holla!

8. Holidays- warm, fun, and cozy.

9. Showers- the biggest time of when I think the most occurs, when water is hitting me. I don’t know why, but it justs one of the first places I thought about creating a site.

10. Saying “No”- I know it may sound funny, but without the word “NO” and its consequences, I would never be who I’am today.

So now that that is out of the way and I feel like a new man, I have to tag some homies.

Aiden at Cut the Crap

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Heather at Movie Mobsters

Marshall at Marshall & the Movies

Rodney at Fernby Films


  1. Thank you for tagging me!

    I happen to love showers too. For some reason I get a massive amount of thinking done in there. Also, it helps with getting….you know…unstinky and whatnot.

  2. Ah yes, there’s nothing better than a good movie and a decent book to take you away from the realities of life. And holidays…Just booked a trip to NYC for October, can’t wait already.

  3. Haha…I prefer a long, hot bath (does that make me a middle-aged woman suffering from mild arthritis?) but, like you, it’s thinking time…whether that’s a new top ten, a short story, film, anything…

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