Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986)

I wish when I skipped school, it was as fun as this.

High-schooler Ferris Bueller (Matthew Broderick) knows everyone — and every trick to faking an illness. So with the entire school convinced he’s at death’s door, Bueller grabs his girlfriend (Mia Sara) and best friend (Alan Ruck) and hits the streets of Chicago for a well-deserved day off. Fed-up principal Ed Rooney (Jeffrey Jones) is determined to catch Bueller and put a premature end to his field trip. But it’s tough to outfox Ferris.

Writer/Director John Hughes is known as one of the premiere directors for when it comes to 80’s films. With films like Pretty in Pink, Breakfast Club, and now Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, it almost seems like Hughes is a teenager when he’s writing all this stuff.

There is a lot to love here, and the best thing about this film is the creative screenplay from Hughes. There is a lot of comedy here, for me, it was a lot of laugh out loud comedy, and other times it was little chuckles, but overall it had me laughing. But it’s not just the funny in here that’s great, it’s capturing the emotion, and the mind-setting that was within all the teenagers back in 1986. There are plenty of parts where they bring it up, but around this time was when the teenagers started rebelling against all their parents and standing up for themselves. It’s great to see how Hughes captures the generation of the 80’s teen, and he never stopped, but it’s a shame he had to go so soon. R.I.P. Brotha.

But it also delves a lot more into the fun of life. To be truly honest I was pretty jealous of everything Ferris was doing. I mean going on top of parade float singing The Beatles, driving around in my friend’s  dad’s 1961 Ferrari GT California, and faking dinner reservations at a fancy ass place, makes me want to go do something fun. Ferris says it himself twice in the film: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” And that’s what this film is all about, enjoying the fun things in life while you have it, cause you never know when your going to have that chance again.

Matthew Broderick does a great job of portraying Ferris Bueller probably cause he feels like a real cool guy. He’s funny, he’s got the hot-ass girl, and he can basically get himself out of any situation. There are constant times when Bueller breaks the fourth wall and talks to us, and that brings us to connect more with his character, and say hey, this guy is really cool, I wish I was him, or at least hanging out with him. It sucks that Broderick doesn’t do much stuff now, but for me, he always be a lovable star.

Other characters in this movie are great too. Alan Ruck as Cameron is the most developed character in the movie, and although is a total mook that can annoy you, you feel the pain he feels, and he has one scene where he’s on the phone with principal Rooney, posing as Sloane’s dad, and it’s easily the funniest scene, and that car scene is just perfect. Mia Sara does nothing now, and that kind of sucks, cause she’s actually good in this. Jeffrey Jones is good here as Mr. Rooney, who is just the biggest d-bag ever, and he reminds you of all high school principals out there. Too bad that guy had to have child porno caught on him, he would still be in a lot of stuff, creepy bastard. There is also some great stuff from Ben Stein, and an amazing cameo from the always funny Charlie Sheen.

The only problem I had with the film that doesn’t make it one of my all-time favorites, is that it doesn’t go far enough, as far as other’s character’s emotions, and feelings, but it all still works none the less.

Consensus: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is a prime example of a film that’s hilarious, fun to watch, but well-written, with plenty of ideas and trends about the times in the 80’s, with a timeless message of life.

9/10=Full Pricee!!!


  1. well, you read my review, so you know I’m not one of those that doesn’t like this movie. I love it!

    Great review, btw! Keep dropping my blog and I’ll reciprocate. Look forward to seeing what else you watch/review!

  2. An 80’s classic. Every kid wishes they could have a day like Ferris. Can’t believe it is almost 25 years – I am so friggin’ old!!! Nice to cite the supporting cast here – they were terrific too….

  3. I think the Cameron story is superb in this film. I love seeing the way he evolves throughout the story and the ultimate conclusion of his character.

    And yes, it’s a great comedy, one of my all time favorite films and easily the film that I get the most laughter from.

  4. I will never, ever, ever…………EVER get tired of watching this movie. Ferris Bueller is one of the best movies to define my 80’s taste in movies, but more importantly the fact that a comedy can stay relevant twenty years plus later without the necessity of feeling nostalgic about it. One of the greatest characters ever, and some of the best damn writing during that entire era.

    • Oh I know! This film doesn’t age at all, everything feels so cool and hip, but not in a cheesy 80’s way. Which is the least I could say for a lot of teen comedies from that bad decade.

  5. I love this movie, and I have to agree with you when you say it doesn’t feel like is from the 80s, which is whats so great about it. My mom can relate, I can relate, and I’m sure my kids will relate. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    • It’s so fun, and modern that it doesn’t feel like it came out of a decade, that doesn’t have those two words in any of other films released then.

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