Cabin Fever (2003)

I’am never going to the woods again.

Five college friends head off to the woods for a weekend of drinking, partying and fooling around. But as they sit at their campfire the first night, a blood-soaked hermit with a flesh-eating virus approaches them. They shoo him away, but the hapless kids start to catch the bug, and paranoia and hostility run rampant. Meanwhile, the locals slowly learn that they’ve got the bug, too.

Eli Roth is one messed up mofo. But he’s still a good director, and after watching this, and Hostel, I can tell that he really does love blood and gore.

The film starts out at as any normal teen scream film: wild, horny, and crazy teenagers go to some secluded place, to go and party, and then all hell breaks loose…but not in a good way. The film reminded me so much of Friday the 13th or other horror classics of the 80’s.

On a scary factor, it’s not terrifying, it’s just incredibly gory. In ways I thought it was good, but for others I know it’s totally off-putting. I appreciate that Roth does have a love for his creations of blood and gore, and he does film it in such a way that we do cringe when we see it. But it’s not just the gore that gets us going, it’s the actual story that has us watching. Roth plans everything out where it’s all scattered and you don’t know what is exactly causing all this, but you don’t care cause your still involved with the film. By the end the violence really starts to pick up, and it gets better and better, providing plenty of bloody fun.

The problem with the story here is that the comedy takes away from the story. Roth tries too hard to bring out some laughs in this film, and its just random and dumb, considering that the material is just too serious to try and get goofy with it. The little side character’s are quite random, and although rarely funny, just have no place being in the film, other than to bring some meaningless comedy into it. Also, need I not forget to mention the fact that there is also some satire within the film, that to no, avail gets across to no one, mainly because were watching a horror movie that’s about teens going into the woods, and getting sick. No need for politics Mr. Roth sorry bro.

The budget was relatively small, and you can see they spent a lot of the money on the make-up, so the cast isn’t quite well-known, but their OK for what their given. You may know the main dude Rider Strong, from my favorite sitcom when I was a kid, Boy Meets World. He’s actually pretty strong here, and you can tell if he was given a good enough script now, could make the best out of it. Also, Jordan Ladd is here, and she’s always a beauty to have on-screen. And that’s basically about it for the cast, sorry guys.

Consensus: Cabin Fever isn’t as scary as it is gory, but it works with keeping your attention, even though you may turn away at times, and paying a great homage to the old school 80s horror films, but fails with trying to be more than a just horror film.



  1. Not overly in love with this film, I must confess. It just veered into camp far too quickly for me, instead of a slow-boiling pressure cooker the premise seems to call for.

  2. There was a fair amount of hype around this one, so I decided to pay theatre price to see it. The story and characters were uninspired and the humor fell flat for me. In terms of gore, it does have its moments but there really is only one scene I would call “awesome”. I didn’t dislike the film but it didn’t really offer much new and it certainly wasn’t worth paying theatre price to see. I heard Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever is nastier in terms of gore than the original. I was curious enough to add it to the queue.

    • I was curious cause I always remember hearing it sucked when I was younger, then I saw it and then I was like it isn’t that bad. It’s gory, and fun, that’s basically it.

  3. This is a favorite when my friends and I would throw a horror movie fest. That shaving scene! OMG.

    I thought it was supposed to be campy and that’s exactly what I got. I was happy with it.

  4. I hated this movie. Terribly terribly terribly. The only redeeming part for me was the addition on the DVD of Rotten Fruit…………..the greatest band in the world!!!!!!!!!!!

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