A Perfect Getaway (2009)

Staying away from Hawaii for awhile now.

Newlyweds Cliff (Steve Zahn) and Cydney (Milla Jovovich) are enjoying a perfect honeymoon in Hawaii — until they run into a pair of menacing hikers, Nick (Timothy Olyphant) and Gina (Kiele Sanchez). As it turns out, the two are dangerous killers who begin stalking the not-so-happy couple.

There is a lot about this film that not many people will actually accept upon first look. This is a suspenseful/psychological thriller, that in ways works.

The first two acts, I will say are very dull. There is some nice camp here and there, but there’s not that much drama to keep you interested with this film, and with its characters. And although the atmosphere kind of works, it never goes the extra mile, to keep your attention fully on the screen.

The film also promises to be so much smarter than your ordinary, thriller pick, but instead, turns into one, that doesn’t do much other than show the over-zealous, bloody violence that we basically see in all films of this nature. As things get all ‘First Blood’ in the end, the cinematography and the editing go hog wild as well, trying out some fancy stuff that works. I admit, I got pumped by the look and the action….and I almost forgot how forgettable the rest of the film was.

Basically, the whole film, your always guessing what is actually going on, and who are the real killers. All of this worked very well, cause we aren’t given many clues as to who is, we’re just left to think ourselves, which I thought was used well. And then when the major plot twist comes in by the last act, you are totally taken back, and shocked, mainly cause it works. The twist is thoroughly explained, and sometimes events that weren’t explained in the first two acts, are then explained by this twist.

The performances from the cast are very good here, which is why your mainly glued to the screen. Timothy Olyphant is perfect here mainly because they just let him get crazy, but at the same time, become a likable, and believable character. Steve Zahn is also good, doing a lot of stuff as a character you wouldn’t expect him to, as far as his acting goes. Milla Jovovich is also good here, and she has one scene where she actually expresses her emotions in a way I haven’t seen her do in a while. Kiele Sanchez also has a lot of fun with her role, and starts to show her dynamic’s as an actress by the end.

Consensus: A Perfect Getaway may have you checking your watch for the first two acts, but the twist comes in, and your entertained, as well as the performances from the cast.



  1. I am reciprocating the comment by checking out your review as asked. I would say that I agree with a lot of what you said and I would add that the film does make a second viewing worth the time because of the twist. If you want to ever check out my other reviews head over to havingsaidthat.net because that’s where I am now. Thanks for taking the time! And keep up the reviews.

  2. My daughter-in-law’s family lives in Hawaii, so we’re over there from time to time. That got us through the beginning of the movie, as we discussed good places to hike on the islands. Also, we had a crazy guy here a while back who was murdering hikers, which provided another topic of conversation. And then the movie got interesting… Now we’re watching Lost, Season 6, wherein Hawaii itself gets to be freaky and we don’t have to rely on Zahn and Olyphant.

  3. I think I ended up liking the film just as much as you did, but I liked it for the opposite reasons. Whereas you find the first two-thirds to be dull, I found them to be subtly suspenseful in a way that few recent films have been. (Jovovich’s speech under the tent, for example, is quite thrilling.)

    And I found the final act to be a bit tiresome only because it focused more on exposition instead of the suspense I felt during the first two acts. Overall, though, it’s a small production that people really should try to check out.

  4. I recommend this to everyone I know looking for a good thriller. Zahn and Olyphant don’t get enough credit for their acting, but they both deliver in this film. Milla is good as always. It was a little slow in the build up, but like you said, it’s a grand slam by the end.

  5. I actually thought this movie was horrible! I would give it about a 1/5. I found nothing good aside from the twist, and Steven Zahn, who even towards the end started to suck, along with the rest of the movie. Regardless, good review.

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