Drillbit Taylor (2008)

Sounds like a porno, and in ways, I kind of wish it was.

Three high school freshmen devise a novel plan for dealing with the treacherous school bully: They hire a bodyguard. Salvation comes in the form of Drillbit Taylor (Owen Wilson), a beach bum ex-soldier who teaches the boys some handy life lessons. Leslie Mann co-stars as an English teacher.

What starts off as a fresh, and actually funny idea, then turns into one of the usual, crappy, high-school comedies, that don’t work at all.

The main problem with this film is that it’s tone is way off. There is some funny moments, however, the constant fighting, and bullying, actually starts to get darker, and pretty sad, to the point of where you don’t know whether to laugh, or start to feel bad for these kids, as almost everyday they go into school, and single handedly get raped. The bullying scenes were way over the top. These things would never happen and certainly would never happen now especially the duration of the abuse. Someone would be roughed up by the police and sued at the very least for displaying this level of violence at a public school.

But things get worse, because nothing nothing makes any sense. Owen Wilson just walks into a school, with a shirt and tie, and everybody already thinks hes a teacher. Also, the school in this must be the same ones used in almost every single high school film, where no teacher is around to see any of this.

Owen Wilson I will say got me through most of this, but he is playing the same guy, he does in every movie, but it always works. But we never knew, and understand why this guy turned out to be such a bum. We see that he has the smarts and charm to be something more, but we’re just left with the fact that he still lives on the streets. The three kids here are funny, and almost reminded me of Superbad, mainly because they did look like three high school freshman, but they can’t do much with this script.

It also sucks that this was John Hughes last film before he died, and I just want to say, that although this sucks, it kind of makes me know that, he will always and forever be a legend in the world of cinema, no matter how bad, or good his work was.

Consensus: Though it may have some funny moments, Drillbit Taylor has problems with it script, because it gets too carried away with bullying, and just doesn’t fit well in today’s world.



  1. jeez, i still haven’t watched this movie, and it has my niece in it. embarrassing. she told me not to watch it – it was just a payday – but still. where’s my loyalty? at least i caught her in catwoman.

  2. I don’t have much to add, because it was one of the few films in my life that I didn’t have the heart to continue watching. Thirty minutes in and I wasn’t dumb enough to stomach any more.

  3. Yeah, this thing was pretty bad. Did a review earlier this year, if you wanna go hunt it down. Think I gave it like 3 stars or something. I was being generous, or was half asleep when I wrote the thing…lol

    Seriously, though, it is sad that this was john Hughes’ last film. Good thing he has mch better films that we can remember him for and jst file this under “to be forgotten” lol

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