Fletch (1985)

If only I could disguise myself as good as this guy. I would be able to go anywhere.

Chevy Chase enjoys his finest hour playing reporter Irwin “Fletch” Fletcher, a fast-talking master of disguise who poses as a derelict to uncover a story about drug dealers. When a wealthy businessman offers Fletch a fortune to murder him before a terminal illness takes hold, Fletch works the scenario in hilarious style until he gets an exclusive that knocks his editor’s socks off.

Fletch is one of those films, that showed you that Chevy Chase could actually hold a film on his own. I mean just look at that smug on his face, you just know your going to be laughing.

The writing here is very smart, as well as funny. It works mainly because the constant gags and jokes work almost 25 years later. Some of it is a bit dated, but it doesn’t matter, cause all of the other jokes work so well.

But the problem here with this film is that it’s plot is way too serious for the type of material were given. They try to play off this whole mystery like feel to it, when in reality, it’s not very serious with its approach, so why should we?? There are a couple of action sequences, that are like any other 80s action scene, and even though their good to look at, they seem so unnecessary, and only used to spice up the 98 minute time limit.

But the main reason this film is Chevy Chase, who does everything so well. He’s funny, sarcastic, and a total dead-pan which adds so much more on to his character. The camera never leaves him, and it’s a good thing because it gives him reasons to show everybody how great of a comedian he can be. It’s sad now, cause he barely does anything exceptionally well anymore, so watching this just shows, how great he actually once was.

Consensus: Fletch may dive too much into being a serious film, however, Chevy Chase’s perfect comedic performance, combined with a very funny script, make this a fun ride.



  1. I loved this one growing up. A few years ago I read the novel and loved it, but then when I re-watched the movie I realized how watered down and bad of an adaptation it is of a great novel. Oh well, at least Chevy is still funny to watch.

  2. You should read the book by Gregory McDonald. It makes for an interesting comparison. A much darker, grittier, character. Obviously Chevy Chase added a lot of the humour. But just as irreverent. And the plot makes a bit more sense too. No drug dealing cops or 2D baddies. Definitely worth a try.

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