K-PAX (2001)

I guess aliens do exist, and look like Kevin Spacey.

Kevin Spacey stars as Prot, an extraterrestrial from the planet K-PAX (or so he’d have us believe), in this science-fiction drama that casts Jeff Bridges as a psychiatrist who doubts Prot’s otherworldly origins. But the doctor begins to question his own instincts when his unusual patient begins talking to dogs — and understanding them — and pulling off other artful tricks that can’t be easily explained.

There are many films that always stretch the truth beyond science fiction, and reality. Some are good, some are bad, this is just right in the middle.

The script is very well-written but some of it just seems overly-familiar. We don’t get reasons for everything, and I liked that, because the more we can make up in our mind is the better, but the film shows too much glimpses of how life is great, and grand. I had no problem with this really, it was just the fact that, I knew where this was going, right before the movie even started, which disappointed me.

The film does do a good job at having us keep on questioning during the film: “is this guy really who he says he is?”. I kept asking myself that too, and I think that’s what actually kept me watching was the fact that I wanted to know badly. The film doesn’t give too many hints away, and by the end, and even after the end, you will keep on questioning, what was real, and what was not.

However, K-PAX is only a excuse for one thing, and that’s to show the acting talents that are Jeff Bridges, and Kevin Spacey. And to be truly honest, their both very good. Every time their on screen together you get this sense of believability, and intensity, that comes directly from their different type of acting styles.

Consensus: Though it is moved too slow, and utterly predictable at times, K-PAX does a great job at keeping us guessing, as well as providing strong performances from its two leads.



  1. The movie is redeemed by the performances. Spacey is fine as Prot, and Jeff Bridges manages to make the cliches of his character palatable. In addition, the ending remains nicely ambiguous — the neat solutions may not be solutions at all.

  2. I see what you mean about the pace but I think this if you see it again you may appreciate it more. But I agree with you, Bridges and Spacey are great. They play off each other well and while it took a while, the ending was inventive but simple, ambiguous and impressive. Plus I LOVE that score.

  3. I strongly guess he is what he claims.

    There are no mentions of Porter’s abilities as an astrophysicist but the sheriff’s ‘Brainer.’ There is another from the beggar shown at the metro — He came from nowhere. Prot disappears from the mental facility for three days. It’s hard to be hiding inside the facility for three days without being noticed. He could have light traveled.

    I wonder this – Prot says Sex is not enjoyable in K-PAX , there are no families and they don’t fall in love. Is this because Prot is Porter, his mind models this life at K-PAX so that he no more thinks of his lost family ?

  4. And the way Porter’s body lies at the end could mean Port lied on the ground and then made a light travel (He might have used Porter’s body).

    If he just slips into coma he wouldn’t have had a perfect lying position. And Bess ? And the static in the security cameras ?

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