Henry Poole Is Here (2008)

Expecting so much more, than what I actually got.

Rather than living his last days to the fullest after he learns that he only has six weeks left on Earth, Henry Poole (Luke Wilson) cuts himself off from his fiancée and his family — and binges on Twinkies, pizza and liquor. But a fortuitous miracle and a clash with his eccentric, meddling neighbors derail Henry’s plans.

With a plot like that, you would expect a hilarious, and at times, moving story about faith, and how people believe in it. However, all we get is straight-up low-key stuff here.

The screenplay is nicely written, because it doesn’t make fun of these people for believing in their faith, or doesn’t condemn any sort of religion, however, when it comes to actually moving the story along, this film doesn’t do well. The first half or so is funny, but then by the 45 minute mark, everything starts to get totally cheesy, and dramatic. I didn’t buy any of this mainly because I felt like all this was just made for the story to go on, and come to an ending that I could predict right away.

I think the film just had a problem with bringing enough emotions out, because it all feels contrived. And I wish there was so much more to this story than what I was given, mainly because it started off with such promise.

Luke Wilson is good here as Henry Poole, the only problem is that I just think his character was used as a reason for the story to be told, rather than an actual person, with real actual feelings and thoughts. It’s hard to stick by your main character, especially when it just seems like everything he does, is to just move the story on. Radha Mitchell is also good, but I thought it was pretty coincidental, how she just so happened to be living next door to Poole. George Lopez shows up, and does nothing funny (highly disappointed), and Cheryl Hines is in here for a couple of minutes, and doesn’t do much, which sucked as well.

Consensus: Started off with a promise, then sadly fell right into cheesy, unbelievable, drama, that doesn’t seem real, and only used to tell a story.



  1. I like Luke Wilson, he’s got a likable quality despite not being the best actors out there. Have you seen The Wendell Baker Story? I thought that was pretty good. That’s good that this movie doesn’t make fun of someone’s faith/personal belief. It’s a sad day when people think it’s ok to do so in any form.

  2. Its strange that some hate “Henry poole is here” and some (like myself) loved it in my review. I guess this film is not for everyone.

    It is a little slow at times, and maybe not such a realistic story, but the soundtrack, and the questions it raises about faith are interesting, I think.

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