La Moustache (2005)

Weird plot, weirder movie.

Marc (Vincent Lindon) has worn a mustache all his adult life. One day on a whim, he decides to shave it off. Certain his wife (Emmanuelle Devos) will comment on the drastic change in his appearance, Marc is baffled when neither she nor friends notice at all. Even more disturbing is that once he calls attention to it, everyone insists he’s never had a mustache.

This film has a very interesting plot, that at first is weird, then as you re-read it again, you wonder just how can they make a whole movie out of this? The fact is they can, but it’s not that satisfying.

The main problem with the movie, is that it really doesn’t know where to go by the middle of it. The first two acts are good, showing some good suspense, and overall total confusion, but as soon as things change up, they really start making no sense, and the film just kind of lolly gags from scene to scene, waiting for the end.

Also, the film literally makes no sense. I stayed with this film probably throughout the whole 84 minute time limit, but it was so hard for me to actually do that, cause I had no idea what I was watching. When people use the term, “scratching my head”, I actually was cause I was that confused out of my mind. But it’s not like it was my fault for me not getting it, I tried, and tried, and tried, but this damn film wouldn’t let me, cause it felt like it needed to be ambiguous, and weird.

The one thing I did like about the movie, is that the film is directed very well. There are some very good tense moments in this film, and you can feel it, mainly cause of the direction it went in. And I just wonder what the hell happened to the director’s mind when that damn middle act came up, cause it went somewhere else. The cinematography is also good, especially one shot, that plays a big role in the film, it really shows us the world that this guy sees.

Vincent Lindon is good in this film and plays his character well, even though the guy is going that crazy. Emmanuelle Devos is also good with some very good emotional scenes that give her character more dimension than we could have thought. The two create a bond that may seem troubled at first, but it works in their advantage, cause you can feel the love between each other.

Consensus: It works well in the first two acts, then by the middle it gets completley lost, with its lazy, and odd direction of its story, and basically not making sense at all. It all just could have been executed better.




  1. Before I saw the film I had read the book it’s based on, and I’m not sure if the film had been much better with all the book’s plot or not. They both don’t really make sense, but I think the ending in the book is a lot better. And – actually I think they tried to tone the weirdness down for the movie, you know? Well, it didn’t work… But still, I think they’re both quite nice. Weird isn’t always that bad, I guess…

    (By the way, your blog is great.)

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