Paranormal Activity 2 (2010)

Never ever walking around the house alone again!

People hovering over beds for hours while asleep, moving shadows across the floor — the unexplained, terrifyingly real supernatural forces are back, and this time, a baby and a dog become part of the nightmare as the camera rolls.

So basically everybody that goes to this film, will be expecting Paranormal Activity, but with a baby and a dog thrown in the mix. Which in a way is kind of true, because creepy shit is still happening, and people are still being dumb asses. But hey the formula really hasn’t gotten tired yet.

I really did like the first one, it kept me on my toes throughout the whole thing, and at the end of it, when I went home, I couldn’t sleep with the lights off. This one, almost did the same thing. This one starts off slower, and little things happen here, and there, but when it gets crazy, holy shit, it really does get crazy. In the first one, shit was happening really bad by the 1 hour mark, here, shit gets really out of hand by the 30 minute mark, which meant the next half hour was completley nuts on every level. Did it all deliver? Yes, and I was surprised, because they still find different, and new cool ways to make all this creepy things happening so realistic.

The one thing that actually made it in ways almost better than the first, was the fact that in the first, you saw most of the shit happening, in the bedroom usually, or the hallway, but in this one, you have cameras around the whole house, so you literally get to see everything bad, go on in each part of the house. This worked, cause not only are you scared of walking around your own house, you can’t go in certain places cause it almost reminds you of places in this movie.

Just like the first one, I had the same problems with this one. These people are very very stupid. In all honesty if I noticed something completley bat shit going on in my house, my first stage wouldn’t be denial, it would be to get the hell out that house. Some characters in this film notice, but the dad is such a dick to the fact of there actually being demons, that when he sees all this shit happening on film, he just feels salty, and calls everybody crazy. If that was my dad, in all honesty, I would go to a freakin’ Motel 6, and have his ass get possessed for the night.

So probably the main question about this film, is if this is better than the first? In ways, it is, but in others its not. This film has a bigger budget mainly because of the first’s destructive take at the box office last year, so they had a lot more type of effects to show, which kind of took away from the scare factor for me. Now don’t get me wrong, this film had me shaking in my pants many, many times, and they literally will make you jump, but I feel like the first did such a good job, at not showing all these crazy things, that it almost made it scarier, especially by that end. I didn’t really have a great interest in these characters as I did, with the first, and the acting was good just like the first, but I wasn’t necessarily cheering for these people by the end. It’s almost as good, just not as quite.

Consensus: This film doesn’t change the horror genre by any means, but it does offer up the scary happenings, premise, and effects that had us watching the first.

9/10=Full Pricee!!


  1. I liked it, the film was good and fun to watch with a packed audience, but I got tired of the tedious jump scares involving really loud noises and felt like the film moved at a really tedious and slow pace in the first 30 minutes.

    Still, it’s a really effective film that will make it hard to get sleep for a night or two, so I guess it accomplished its goals.

  2. I agree with creepy shit started happening in my house I’m out! haha

    I agree with the whole not really liking the characters, I really hated the dad. I think the family unit was a good idea cause of the whole not believing the others.

    Great review man

  3. Great review! I’ll be curious to see how the proposed third installment will measure up. Like you said, this one was good, but didn’t add a ton…not sure how well a third one will go over…love the site!

  4. Agreed, this one got an 8/10 out of me, and I feel it did what it set out to do. Basically, those who enjoyed the first will like this one, and those who hated the first will hate this one.

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