The Last Boy Scout (1991)

Another Tony Scott film that blows. How am I not surprised?

Bruce Willis stars as Joe Hallenbeck, a down-and-out private detective forced to team up with a disgraced pro football quarterback (Damon Wayans) to uncover a conspiracy engineered by a crooked politician and a corrupt football team owner.

This film cause quite an uproar back in the day, when the script from Shane Black, sold for about $1.75 million. That surprises me because I do not know who would want to pay that money, for this crap.

I will not lie, this film actually did start off pretty well for about the first 20 minutes. There was a lot of humor, fun action, and the plot was some what original. But then something happens out of nowhere. We start to dive into a weird plot, that just gets weirder, and weirder for no reason. The beginning was really lame, and right as you see it, you’ll think the same thing.

Usually when it comes to these action thrillers, I can take them if they are formulaic, as long as the action is good, and the script is alright. The action in this doesn’t save this movie from being the same old crap I’ve seen time and time again. I’ve seen all this action before, and it’s not even cool, just a cheap, and lame excuse to let Tony Scott blow shit up.

The script from Shane Black is somewhat alright. There’s a lot of those corny one-liners you would expect from a 90’s action/comedy, but the best scenes I think are when it’s Bruce Willis and Damon Wayans, just talking about everyday things. There performances are good, and in a way, they have that obvious chemistry that these films always build on, and when they talk about family, love, or just problems they have, it all feels real, and somewhat fresh. However, we don’t get enough of this, and therefore the film is brought down a whole lot.

Consensus: Some parts are nice, mainly the average script, but the action doesn’t save this generic, corny, and dumb action/comedy.




  1. Hey, man, you left a comment about this film over on my page, so I thought I would return the favor. I liked the film, but it is by far not a perfect film. Also, I noticed that you gave “Scream 3” a more favorable review than others. That was nice to see considering that everyone I know hates it just because it is not as good as the first two. I wonder how “Scream 4” will turn out with Kevin Williamson back behind the scrip?

  2. I loved the scene where Joe saves his (their?) life by talking smack about the killer’s wife. One of the best laughs I ever had! There certainly were lots of things that could have been better, but Bruce Willis’ performance wasn’t one of them.

  3. I remember liking the movie when I saw it, but that was a long time ago. However, it did have a moment in it that I remember and that I consider classic, unless it was ripped off from some other movie: Willis is tied up (on a couch?) and a bad guy slaps him (or something. I don’t remember the details.). Willis says, “You do that again, I’m gonna kill you.” And the guy does, and Willis does.

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