Gentlemen Broncos (2009)

What a weird title, for a weird movie. But not the good kind of weird.

Hoping that his novel brings him fame and fortune, high school loner Benjamin Purvis (Michael Angarano) attends a fantasy writers conference and later discovers that his masterwork has been plagiarized by an iconic author (Jemaine Clement, “Flight of the Conchords”).

For the most part this film starts off very well. The thematic ideas behind the film easily push this film into the realm where it is Jared Hess’ best work to date! The opening act of the film is a really interesting set-up. But although I thought I was ready for some good stuff here, I just got totally robbed.

Jared Hess as you all may know is the director of quirky films such as Nacho Libre, and Napoleon Dynamite, and with this one he tries too hard to be like a combination of both. The script is where it really fails, because the jokes are so stupid and juvenile, that you don’t know whether or not to take this film seriously at all. There is also way too many dumb potty jokes that were maybe funny when I was in 5th grade, now just seem useless and a cheap way to get teenagers to laugh at.

In this film there is also an emotional story that this film was gunning for, but instead it gets watered down by those terrible jokes, and cheesy special effects dream sequences. Now I know that they were doing all the fantasy sequences as a joke, but in all honesty they weren’t that amusing. I felt like the film was just trying to be weird, just for the sake of being weird, and when it comes to this film, that wasn’t helping this film out at all.

Jemaine Clement is very funny here and just about steals every scene he is in, until I soon started to realize that he was just telling a bunch of “anus” jokes. Michael Angarano is strong in this lead performance, and Hess did a good job at making this average, nerdy type of character, and not relying on the constant quirks to win us over. Sam Rockwell is the real treat, even though he is only in the crazy sci-fi fantasy sequences, he brings so much hilarity to these scenes, and is the highlight of this utterly painful to watch movie. Jennifer Coolidge is also good, playing the same exact chick she plays in almost every movie, but that’s not a bad thing, cause she’s always so good at it.

Consensus: With the cast at least bringing out some comedy, Gentlemen Broncos has some laughs, but Jared Hess loses himself in the script and brings out too many quirks, potty humor, and moments of just pure weirdness that makes no sense.



  1. I borrowed this from a friend a few months ago because she said it was hilarious. Big mistake on my part. I had a hard time finishing the movie, it was so bad. As you said, there was too much toilet humor that just wasn’t funny at all. It’s unfortunate, too, because I really like Napoleon Dynamite.

  2. Excellent review on a film I absolutely loathed.

    While Michael Angarano, Jennifer Coolidge, and Jermaine Clement were trying to give actual performances. I found the script to be useless since it didn’t do anything to become full-fledge characters.

    I hated the jokes and found the humor to be off pretty much all the time. The scene where there was a snake taking a crap on Mike White was just too disgusting to bear. It got worse with the amateurish films and the character that annoyed me more than anything was the director of those crappy films. It’s as if he makes Ed Wood look like Kubrick except this guy hasn’t evolved in his talents (or lack thereof).

    I found the whole film to be an agonizing experience to watch. Not since Meet the Spartans (which was way worse and I watched it during a very depressing time) had I seen a movie that was so awful that it made that angry. I didn’t like Napoleon Dynamite while Nacho Libre was just OK. This was just bad. Worse than Transformers 2 of all things. It really pissed me off.

    At least you were able to brave this film. Kudos to you.

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