Gunnin’ for that #1 Spot……..

Hello everybody, since it is a new year and all, I thought it was quite exceptional, that to start it off so grand I would be nominated for a Best Review Blog at Total Film. So all I’am saying people is pleaseeeeee voteeee forrr meeee. I know I’m not the greatest writer out there ever, but all I want is just some help everybody. I would love to get somewhere close to 20 votes. So please all off my fellow readers, please give me some of the love. If you vote for me, let me know, so when I see you, I can give you a very manly shake, or very womanly hug. Whichever one you prefer, I’m down with. The name is Dan The Mans Movie Reviews, and all you have to do is click that little thingy right next to it, and hit “vote”, and boom goes the dynamite! Thanks everybody I hope you all can vote for yours truly, and remember do what you do best, keep on reading, and watching.


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