The Crazies (2010)

I’m never going to the West ever again.

When a plane crashes in a small town, a secret biological weapon is released. As the toxic substance infiltrates the local water system, some residents become gravely ill, while others descend into homicidal madness. Sheriff David Dutton (Timothy Olyphant) attempts to set things straight, but soon the military becomes involved in containing the killer virus.

The original film was made for a solid remake. It had a good plot, but it just looked so cheap, and a little cheesy, so hitting it with a big budget, would have sure done some nice to it. For the most part, it does too.

Director Breck Eisner does a good job of keeping the budget within its limitations, to show awesome,  and bloody, gore. His last film was Sahara, which is considered one of the biggest box-office flops of all-time, and here he does a good job of keeping it steady.

I also liked a lot of the camera work, mainly because the setting they placed this film in just looks so beautiful. You can really feel the despair, and loneliness within this town, and the camera sets some really nice shots to show that. We also get plenty of chilling, and somewhat tense scenes, that will surely keep you on the edge of your seat.

My only main problem is that I feel like the film could have benefited more from the action, and violence it so heavily promoted way back when. The film had a slight problem with wondering, whether or not it wanted to be a suspense/thriller, or a natural zombie horror flick. It also relied way too much on the “jump scare factor” that has taken over the recent array of horror films. There wasn’t that much action to keep me fully satisfied, but with what I was watching, I still had some good old B-grade fun.

Timothy Olyphant is starting to become one of my new favorites out there, because he does so well with the craziest parts. Awhile back I reviewed a film called A Perfect Getaway, and although it wasn’t anything special, he still does really good playing this funny, heart-warming bro. However in this film, he plays a quiet, strong man who can’t help but do the right thing. He hasn’t gotten that much play, but he has shown that he has the acting chops, as well as the charm, to be a big star. Radha Mitchell, playing his wife, is very strong here starting off as your average, scared horror flick chick, but soon starts to turn into one ass-kicking beotch. They both have a genuine piece of chemistry that does work, and has you root for them as the film keeps on going. Joe Anderson is also in here and plays his character very well, and by the end you support him as well.

Consensus: Not fully satisfying, but a bloody, fun, B-grade horror/thriller, that can’t choose exactly what it wants to be, but the strong performances take our mind off of it.



  1. I can’t remember what I said about this film, influenced by the idea that it’s a B-film and I’m not supposed to like something like it. But it’s pretty solid. And has undertones about spousal and family abuse.

  2. sounds like we pretty much agreed on this one. nothing too original, but done quite well.

    though, a few too many “you wait here while i go do whatever” scenes. stop splitting up, people, c’mon!

  3. I enjoyed the movie quite a bit as well. I thought it was creepy that a symptom of the infected includes staring into nothingness. The ending was, uhm, explosive. But I thought it was done well because I wasn’t sure whether they would survive.

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