I Spy (2002)

Dr. Doolittle and the famous Wilson brother, together. This has got to be good.

There’s no love lost between undefeated middleweight fighter Kelly Robinson (Eddie Murphy) and CIA superstar Alex Scott (Owen Wilson) — a mismatched pair who are teamed up by the government to track down a missing stealth bomber in this action-comedy. If they’re to accomplish their dangerous mission, they’d better find a way to get along first.

I’m too young to remember the TV series (even taking into account the endless retro repeats) but from watching the movie version of “I Spy” I get the impression that it’s nothing like the original.

I don’t know what they were trying to do with this movie, spoof spy films, or be funny, but it really is just lazy. Barely anything worked here. The comedy was stale that had about over 20 sex jokes, a couple of nut shots, and oh also Owen Wilson singing Marvin Gaye, now that is comedy my friends. I highly doubt that this film was even trying to be somewhat entertaining, cause in my book the only comedy came from watching these two random son-of-a-bitches together.

This is an odd pairing, and both are actually very funny on plenty of other work that they have done, but right here these two are just drop-dead terrible. Well, it’s not so much that these guys are terrible, cause they actually are trying to make this material work, and do a somewhat decent job, it’s just that the script totally lets them down. I don’t think these two met with each other before the film to build up any sense of chemistry, so when they were put out there to be “the odd couple”, it all seemed like they just met each other for the first time in their lives. Owen Wilson and Eddie Murphy in a way deserve better, but at the same time, they deserve to get their asses kicked for this crap. Also, don’t forget to look out there for Famke Janssen, bringing all of her acting chops to the screen. In case none of you could tell, that was indeed sarcasm.

Consensus: Lazy, and terribly written, I Spy doesn’t do anything cool, or fun whatsoever. It just squeezes the life out of these two good comedic actors, and basically has them saying some of the worst lines I have ever heard in a comedy.



  1. Yeah, that sucked. Most of all, what happened to Eddie Murphy? He used to be so funny. I can’t watch a movie that he’s in unless it has something that is remotely interesting.

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