Faster (2010)

The Rock kicking ass, like he always should.

On the very day he’s released from a 10-year prison sentence, convicted bank robber Driver (Dwayne Johnson) hits the streets to take revenge on the men who bungled the job that got him busted and his beloved brother killed. But close on Driver’s tail are a driven cop (Billy Bob Thornton) on the one hand and a flamboyant contract killer (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) on the other.

It’s been awhile since The Rock has actually done something that’s been preserved at as cool. All these non-stop kid “comedies”, can really start to have an effect on someone’s career, however The Rock doesn’t let that kill his career.

It’s your typical revenge movie with action, and of course it’s dumb and stupid, but sometimes that’s not all that bad. I liked the feel of a 70’s B-level film, with the corny music and the sometimes odd happenings, this brought me back to sometimes my favorite movies to watch and have a good time with. The action is also good here as well, because it’s not always in your face, but it does do a good job of keeping you satisfied.

The only problem I had with this film was that the story starts to lose it’s flavor as it goes along. You would think it being such a generic revenge film, it would just focus on The Rock, but somehow it seems to get almost about 3 other different stories in there as well. This creates a kind of annoyance for the audience watching, as in all honesty we don’t really care about the others in this movie, we just care if The Rock is going to blow a whole through one of their heads.

Also, the writing was pretty cheesy, which is what I was expecting but there were literally countless lines where I called them right before they were said. It also tries to bring out a lot of points about forgiveness, the testing of family hood, and drug addiction, but they just seem kind of wrong for material like this.

Dwayne ” The Rock” Johnson finally stepped away from those smiley, cute roles he’s been doing lately, and totally goes the opposite way. He’s grim, pissed, and just one scary ass mofo at the same time. This wasn’t a terrible performance from him, but here he really doesn’t have any of that charm that he always does, and even though we can root behind him, we know that there’s going to be the perfect role for him soon. Billy Bob Thornton does the best he can with this material, and as usual, gives us that sleazy act too well. Oliver Jackson-Cohen‘s character was really annoying too, and brought a lot away from this film, because his story never really actually brought much to this film. Others in this cast are also Maggie Grace, Carla Gugino, and also Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (don’t worry if you can’t pronounce that).

Consensus: Faster provides enough action and fun to satisfy anyone, but the cheesy script, and other random stories really do take this film down from hitting harder than it could have.



  1. Agree with you on the rental. Saw it and although I was hoping for something better it delivered on the revenge bit. I suggest everyone not to watch the trailer as it really spoils most of the movie.

  2. As long as The Rock isn’t a tooth fairy I’m down for this one. I think I’ll be saving it for a night when a my friend is over since he’s been dying to see this one since it came out. I can wait!

      • Definitely. I’m not sure who Johnson pissed off or offended, but seeing him denigrate himself in kid-friendly family fare for the last few years has been through and through painful. I haven’t checked this one out yet, but I’m hoping that Johnson uses Faster as a stepping stone to more numerous and impressive action roles in the future. Great review!

  3. NIce review (again)

    I recently watched this and left a little review on my lil’ ol’ slab of blog. Its nice to see that I wasn’t the only one left a little empty by this film.

    I found it tried to please everyone (one-liners, gore, offensive adult material, cool music) but failed on every part. It just wasn’t strong enough in any area!

    Real shame as I really enjoy Johnson in most things, OK lets leave “Tooth Fairy” 🙂


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