The Time Traveler’s Wife (2009)

Talk about a terrible way of being cock blocked.

Due to a genetic disorder, handsome librarian Henry DeTamble (Eric Bana) involuntarily zips through time, appearing at various moments in the life of his true love, the beautiful artist Clare Abshire (Rachel McAdams).

So from a first glance at this plot your main question, as mine was: Why the hell is this chick getting married to a guy that time travels, and then complaining how he’s never around!??! This question is never really brought up that well, and it has you suspend all disbelief of this actual story.

The story itself is just a bore, but it also does something that I didn’t think was able to happen, and that’s make time-travel boring. I never read the book, but what looks good on paper sometimes doesn’t look so good in a film. There’s a lot of confusion to what exactly is going to happen next, but not because your in suspense, it’s mainly because your confused as to what in the blue hell really is happening. He can’t control his time-changing, and he can’t keep his clothes on while doing it, but he can cheat at the lottery? Plenty of head-aches come around to this one, especially when your trying to figure out the logic to this one.

The romance is somewhat sweet, even though it does seem a bit confusing at times, but there are scenes that do have you a little bit emotionally riveted, but only a little bit. I think the reason why this romance actually does work is because the performances from these two are the strong-point of this film. Eric Bana turns in a performance that has him running around naked, disoriented, and most of all tragic. He can’t help what happens to him so he tries everything he can to be with the people he loves, and you can in a way feel that struggle within this performance. Rachel McAdams is also fine as Clare, and does that usual “sweet one minute, but totally upset another minute” act really good. Ron Livingston is up in herrre as Gomez, and almost every time he’s on screen brings the usual great charm that we all know and respect him for.

The problem with this romance was that this was the only thing that the film actually focused on. Except from the “hello, I’m going” problem, I didn’t really know much about these characters or what held them together, so in all honesty I started to stop caring after awhile. That may sound harsh but hey, they didn’t really give me anything remotely interesting to watch here.

Consensus: Two fine performances can’t save The Time Traveler’s Wife from being a confusing, illogical, and sometimes dumb romance, with a little sci-fi twist that could have been used better.




  1. My question is, if you’re married to a woman, with all that that implies, and then you zip back in time to when she’s, shall we say, quite a bit younger, then are you obligated to behave yourself, or what?

  2. …every girl I know seems to have read the book and swears it’s a classic. No surprise the film doesn’t live up to it but the story fails to inspire me to rent the DVD. Rachel McAdams is always good for a viewing but a poor film is a poor film.

  3. The main problem is that it follows the book’s structure and that just leads to way too many fade to black transitions. There was a lot of potential here but the film needed a much more ambitious (and visionary) director to make it happen. I enjoyed this but I would assume that’s because I read the book, which actually is a very time travel story. Give it a shot!

  4. It seems like a classic “maybe you shouldn’t have made a movie from this” scenario.

    Take the brother for example, think about when he says “you’ve been such a good friend.” Really? We’ve only seen them have 2 conversations

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