Easy A (2010)

I know too many chicks that this movie could be based on.

Ambitious student Olive (Emma Stone) decides to boost her popularity by pretending to be the school slut. As the school’s swirling rumor mill increases both her notoriety and her finances, Olive enjoys her newfound status but eventually must decide which is more important: popularity or self-esteem.

I think my favorite part of this film was it’s script. Being in high school myself, it was very easy to relate to some of the topics that this film was poking fun at, and a lot of the stuff they say is actually true of how high school actually can be. Times have changed since the good old John Hughes days, but the jokes remain the same. Now, while none of the jokes actually had me bursting into tears while laughing, there were some great one-liners and even some very clever and well-constructed jokes that were brought full circle at the end that were just great. I think I found this to be a lot more wittier than most teen comedies we get about 5 times a year, and for that I had a good time with it.

My gripe with this film was that it was kind of hard to take seriously since this subject would be such a huge talked about thing. In this age of webcams and sexting, virginity is not something you would expect from a high school senior. So I found this kind of unbelievable that this one chick that had sex, would be the main talk of the town.

There is also a slight problem with this film and it trying to get its point across. The film wants to have it both ways, because it wants to be smarter than your average teen comedy, but it still wants to show it’s female star dancing around and wearing slutty clothes, and somehow it doesn’t work well. It either needed to be about girl pretending to be a slut, or how judgmental Christian high-schoolers can be, but it can’t be both.

Emma Stone has spent much of her career being the best thing in bad movies, but now she’s given the chance to actually lead a film, and I must say she does a great job with it. I cannot think of another young actress in Hollywood who would have been able to pull off, and carry this role in the whole movie like Stone did. She’s kind of got a niche for herself playing a young girl, who’s wise beyond her years and that signature snappiness just always brings out the best lines. The rest of the ensemble cast does fine as well. Amanda Bynes plays the “Jesus freak” Marianne, and at first has a couple of funny scenes, but then her character starts to get over-played and becomes somewhat annoying. But I don’t think this is Bynes’ fault, as the film relies too much on her character for humor. Patricia Clarkson and Stanley Tucci seem almost too sarcastic to be actual parents, but I found their scenes to almost be the funniest here and work so well. There’s also many other great little notices from the likes such as Thomas Haden Church, Lisa Kudrow, Malcolm McDowell, and Cam Gigandet, but the film doesn’t have them show up enough, and I wish the film actually gave more time to these acts rather than some dumb plot-line with the Christians. Still, I still did like this ensemble.

Consensus: Easy A may over-exaggerate it’s plot, but the witty screenplay that’s smarter than most teen comedies, and the perfect performance from Emma Stone make this a flawed, but entertaining love letter to the John Hughes films.



  1. It’s reassuring to see someone outside my own generation enjoyed this. I loved it, but there was a strong possibility that I only thought it was so good because it paid homage to John Hughes, whose movies defined my generation’s adolescence. Another good review.

  2. Great review! For about the first twenty minutes I found this film pretty irritating, but it eventually won me over. Emma Stone is great, and although most of the adult characters felt completely unrealistic, they were generally very funny (especially her parents)

  3. I loved this movie as one of the rare occasions for a smart, high school-based movie (at least these days). However, it’s too unbelievable that Olive was one of those girls invisible to the male student body. She’s not like the nerdy girl who takes off her glasses and shakes out her hair and she becomes a beauty queen. No way, she was already one from the start! Still, loved the movie.

    By the way – love your reviews. Keep it going!

  4. I still need to see this. Originally I passed because it just seemed like another generic teen comedy. I like Emma Stone, but this just never looked anything special to me. After all the good reviews (even from trusted sources) I’ve finally convinced myself I’m going to watch it. Just haven’t got around to it yet.

  5. I’ve had this thing sitting around forever and haven’t watched it. May have to give it a go after having read your review. Nice job.

  6. it may have been a teen movie but it was still a chick flick. i don’t like chick flicks. guys should never take guys to chick flicks makes them look like pussies. i didn’t like this one either.

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