Hollywood Ending (2002)

I hope I don’t randomly become blind. I won’t be able to see porn…….movies anymore.

Woody Allen plays Val Waxman, a once-famous film director who’s down on his luck and just needs one good picture to bring his career back. But when Val gets an offer to make a big film, his paranoia causes him to go psychosomatically blind. He and a few friends scramble to cover up his disability and keep the studio executives from discovering that Val’s directing the film in the dark, which gets tougher as Val’s ineptitude starts to shine.

Woody Allen has always been a director I could stand behind. Yeah, he’s a pervert, and yeah he’s a creep, but at the end of the day, he’s entertaining.

My favorite element of this film was the actual plot, and screenplay. I liked how the plot set up a lot of good jokes for this film, and as always Allen always knows how to deliver a one-liner from his characters. We get various satire jokes on the Hollywood industry that were funny, and the film did entertain me with most of the things it did with its plot.

The only problem with this film is that there could have been so much more to this film as well. I mean I can only sit there and watch Woody stand in place for so long, as a blind man, until I just become a little annoyed and want something more with this plot. I thought some of the things they did with this plot were good, but at the same time I thought it was a little disappointing because they never went many places with this original idea.

Also another thing that bothered me more about Woody Allen films, and less about this film itself, is the fact that his films are so fantasy-like. You have all these young actresses in about their 30’s, or even 20’s, practically falling head over heals for Woody, and to be brutally honest, I don’t believe it. Yeah, I get the fact that Woody wants to be able to get it in with ladies in his films, but there comes a point where it just gets creepy. Take it for granted I’am talking about Woody Allen, so that may be a bit excusable, but I just think he should start hitting up some other ladies his own age like Judi Dench. Now that would be a real film.

Woody Allen does a good job at playing his usual neurotic act but with more physical comedy this time that actually works. He’s playing a blind guy, and although he can see in real life while the filming is going on, he makes it seem realistic and it works. Téa Leoni is good here as Allen’s ex-flame, and the scenes with her and Woody are just so good, and funny. Others in this cast that are good are Debra Messing, George Hamilton, and Treat Williams.

Consensus: It may not use the plot to its extent, but it works as a funny piece, of charming entertainment, that always has Woody Allen doing a good job with his screenplays.




  1. I’m not a big fan of his films. Have watched a couple of them, but I guess I just can’t connect with them. What did you think of Annie Hall? A lot of people seem to like it and say it’s a very good rom-com, but I just couldn’t see it.

  2. I was watching Michael Douglas in something the other day, old guy with young babe, just shaking my head. For the ultimate, check out Clark Gable, geezer, with young fresh Doris Day in Teacher’s Pet.
    But actually, it seems to me that this isn’t happening as much any more. For one thing, many, many more women are working older.
    I always respected Clint Eastwood for working opposite an older actress as he aged, or making the female character his daughter or co-worker.

  3. Mr Allen has never dont anything for me. I can’t get away from the perverse nature of the man. I feel he needs to be on some sort of register for the way he acts around women that could be his daughter or Grandaughter.

    The Plot of this sounds cool, but I doubt I would ever get around to seeing it as it is one of his.

    Nice review Dan


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