Transamerica (2005)

I don’t care what people say about me now, but Felicity Huffman was kind of attractive in this. There, I rest my case.

Bree (Felicity Huffman) gets the shock of her life a week before her final sex change surgery when she discovers a son (Kevin Zegers) she didn’t know she had. After bailing him out of jail, the two set out on a cross-country journey riddled with road bumps.

I have never been homophobic in any way, and have never had any problem with transsexual people. This film shows that their not so different from you or I.

I liked how the screenplay worked out well in both ways. The comedy in here works because it comes at moments when you least expect it, and it’s actually pretty witty, in an ironic sort of way. It sets up pretty well for the drama parts in here too. There are actually some touching, and poignant moments here where it shows how we can still find happiness in the world, in sometimes the craziest places, and with the most random people, we just have to accept ourselves for what we are.

The only problem I had with this film was that it wasn’t very consistent. There were sometimes moments where I would feel totally engrossed with this film but then there would be a time period where nothing even remotely entertaining would pop up. Also, the film did have many slow moments that don’t really keep you involved and some moments you’ll just be waiting for something to actually happen.

For everyone seeing this back in 2005 they had to be totally surprised by Felicity Huffman in this, since everybody then knew her from that crap we call Desperate Housewives. Huffman is actually superb in this film because she has to do a lot with this performance. She has to change her look, her voice, and overall attitude so we can actually believe her as this man trying to become a woman. I also must say the beginning of this film her character struck me as just odd, but in the end turns out to just be a fellow human being that I came to like. Kevin Zegers is also good here as Toby, and does that confused, teenage angst really well to the point of where we’re actually not annoyed by his character. But I’ll always remember him from Air Bud, no matter how dirty, and sexy he acts. The chemistry these two create together starts off troubled at first, but then it all builds up into something believable and they don’t seem just like movie characters, more like real people. Fionnula Flanagan also pops up in the latter part of this film, and had me straight-out dying as Bree’s mother. Others that were good here as well are Graham Greene, Elizabeth Pena, and it was awesome to see Burt Young here. Even though to everybody he’ll always be Pauly.

Consensus: Transamerica works not only because of the amazing performance from Huffman, but mainly because the film does a great job of balancing out engrossing dramatic moments, as well as some smart comedic moments.



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