Rango (2011)

Either somebody was watching too many Clint Eastwood films, or took a lot of LSD.

A chameleon (Johnny Depp) that aspires to be a swashbuckling hero finds himself in a Western town plagued by bandits and is forced to literally play the role in order to protect it.

I was actually surprised to see an actual good animation film, that wasn’t by Pixar. I was also more surprised by how different than any other animated film this was.

The real reason this whole film is an awesome treat is because of writer/director Gore Verbinski who does a good job of bringing us so much entertainment to our eyes. When he shot this film, it wasn’t just voice actors in a booth, he actually had everybody up and dancing along and doing all the actions that their characters do. This is what I think adds so much more enjoyment to the film because you can tell that all these actors are having a good time, with all that fun being brought onto us watching this film.

The script for me was OK to say the least, although I did feel it was all a bit too in it’s owns ass. The reason I say that is because there’s too many times where it just seems to be a pop-culture reference, after another and it started to become annoying to the point where I just wanted this story to go on. I did find myself actually chuckling at this film, but I couldn’t help thinking that the writers of this film, felt like they were so much more wittier when they wrote it.

The animation here is so finely detailed, but not in a pretty way, because this may actually have you puke if you’re not careful. There is some gross stuff here like reptiles as well as desert critters, and we get to see every scaly, verbally crack in their skin. Some of this may just scare children, but if you want to look at some amazing visuals, this is the film to see. What I like about this film is that it uses cutting-edge technology to take us back to a kid’s story would kill off a character as well as give us nightmares, but we would still have a great time.

Johnny Depp provides the voice of Rango, and really fits him well because Rango is a very theatrical character which is perfect for Depp because it gives him the chance to really goof around, and as always he does it so well here. Isla Fisher voices Beans, and does a funny job here as our main love interest, who sort of looks like Susan Sarandon. Others in this fine voice cast include Alfred Molina, Bill Nighy, Ned Beatty, Abigail Breslin, Ray Winstone, and Harry Dean Stanton. Must I also add that there are two great cameos, from two very iconic figures but once you see them, you’ll know exactly who I’m talking about.

Consensus: The script may think it’s funnier than it actually is, but Rango features top-notch animation, with an overall fun energy that keeps almost all who watch happy, even though the little ones may not like it as much.



  1. I have still yet to see this one. Just never got in the mood for an animated movie like this. Guess at this point I have to wait for the DVD. It definitely surprised me how well it did amongst critics and the reviews it got. So it’s something I’ll definitely check out when it hits DVD.

  2. I wish I could say that I had liked it. I did like how well the animation was put together and how great the cast and characters were, but as soon as I heard the language in what was marketed as a family film, I was immediately turned off and had a hard time enjoying the rest of the show. Thanks for visiting my review as well.

  3. Even though I wasn’t a particularly big fan of this film, it seems we agree on a lot of points, like the quality of the animation and of the voice casting (and you’re spot on about Beans looking like Susan Sarandon!) I just think the weak script was a bigger point of contention to me; I never really felt connected to Rango himself.

    • I didn’t mind the script, and I could somehow connect to Rango, because there’s always that person in us that wants to strive and be a hero, but just can’t. But hey, maybe that’s just me!

  4. I find Rango to be a marvle of a film. Verbinski went for realism where he could, and had managed to easily pull it off, but because of the realism, the serious nature of the concept of the film, the character design and animation, the fact that it’s not a kid’s film, the voice acting, and the terrific Western homages this film stopped being an animated film, early on, and felt almost entirely live-action. That’s why it’s a tremendous accomplishment, one of the best movies in a long while, and it definitely was not going for cheap laughs like most kiddie films.

  5. I agree, Dan. This is NOT a kid-friendly movie, and I’m puzzled as to why Paramount (or maybe Nickolodeon?) marketed it that way. Even so, the actors are great and the visuals are awesome. It’s definitely one of the better movies we got this March.

  6. I loved this movie, but it could have been funnier. Of course, I love westerns, so I may be a bit biased…lol

    Check out my review if you ever get the chance

  7. What worked the best for me were actors that actually fit their parts. Of course the fact that they acted their lines opposite each other helped a lot too.

    Yeah this was definitely aimed a bit higher than little kids and should please the adults way more in that respect. But those action sequences just wouldn’t let up…gives Avatar a run for its money that’s for sure. Unexpectedly just loved this one!

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