Beauty and the Beast (1991)

No matter how old you get, this movie is always awesome.

In this modern-day Disney animated classic set in 18th-century France, young Belle yearns to escape her ordinary existence — and her village’s boorish suitors — until she becomes imprisoned in the mansion of a hideous, coldhearted beast. Can Belle help the monster revive the man within?

Here’s a movie I thought I’d never watch again, probably because I’m a “Man” now, hence the name of the website, so it’s kind of a surprise this got to me. Somehow, this was on numero uno on my Netflix queue, so when this came to my house unexpectedly I was shocked, but also happy because now I could watch an old animated classic, that I loved as a kid, and still loved as a “Man”.

I think the real heart of this film is the emotional weight within the story that rings so true. As a kid, I understood what the movie was doing, but now as I’m older you really do understand what the film is saying, and it’s all so true. Beauty is within. It’s not all about appearances, or popularity, because sometimes even the craziest of humans can be the sweetest, and sometimes most lovely of people. The message of this story rings true no matter how old, or young you are, but not so much for me, since I’ve always been sexy.

The music here is also a great addition to this film as well. There are certain classics here such as the hilarious “Be Our Guest”, “Gaston”, and of course the enchantingly beautiful, “Beauty and the Beast”. All the musical numbers here are perfect, and add so well to the romantic side, as well as the humor that comes so well in this film. It also will help that these tracks will be stuck in your head long after the film is over, but that isn’t such a bad thing, since it’s all great songs here.

I must also say that I loved the fact that this is your basic animation, from the days of when people actually used to draw these scenes, rather than having the help of those damn computers. It was great to see how beautiful these certain details to setting, and the overall design looked and to know that is was all done by a human being. Still about 20 years later, it still looks utterly beautiful and knocks certain 3-D animation picks in today’s world, right out of the park.

There was one problem with this film that I had, and it was probably the fact that it was very very short. It has probably about a run-time of 90 minutes, which is short and sweet to an extent, but the love between Belle and the Beast almost feels a bit rushed, and could have used a bit more scenes of development. However, this isn’t a huge complaint, and after all, I could just be a nut ball about this.

Who can’t forget the characters to this film as well? Belle is such a nice sweetheart, that she’s easily likable upon the first 5 minutes, and the Beast is pretty cool, once you get to the core of his character. These two create a sweet romance, that really is an iconic message about the extents romance has with certain people. Let’s not also forget other amazing characters such as Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts, Chip, and of course everybody’s favorite villain, Gaston. Not a single bad character here, and I liked how everyone had a nice moment of comedy to them.

Consensus: Beauty and the Beast is a beautiful and true-tale about love, acceptance, and the real person within humans. However, the beautiful animation, and musical numbers still work, and are just about as fresh as they were 20 years ago.

9/10=Full Price!!


  1. I love this movie. My favorite characters were the clock and the candlestick. I don’t remember their names. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen this. My favorite song in that movie is “Be Our Guest”. It’s catchy as hell.

  2. I always loved the scene when the Beast fights off the dogs and rescues Belle. I remember palying the beast in a little play I did once at my Granny’s nursery. I was like ten at the time but I got really into it. Think I scared some of the other kids. Also, I always thought the Beast was better looking than the guy he turns into at the end, no accounting for taste I guess.

  3. Definitely a favorite Disney movie – if not my very favorite. Awesome review and I totally agree, the characters and story are still as good as they were in ’91.
    I just found your blog via Cut the Crap, I’m loving the reviews and I’ll definitely be back again soon!

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