Cop Out (2010)

What the hell Kevin Smith?

Jimmy Monroe (Bruce Willis) and off-kilter Paul Hodges (Tracy Morgan) are two suspended cops trying to track down a stolen and very valuable 1950s baseball card. Along the way, they encounter a Mexican beauty and countless other characters and get entangled with the mob.

Being a fan of Kevin Smith, and knowing just how much people really do hate his films, I was able to actually like this. However, here that was not the case.

Probably the main problem here is that Kevin Smith is just a director here, and not a writer. BIG MISTAKE! I love Smith as a writer, but as a director he can’t do much cause in all honesty what does he really know about directing an action scene? Most of his movies are about just people talking about getting bloweys, Star Wars, or Ass to Mouth. Hiring Kevin Smith as your writer/director is like hiring George Clooney as your doctor, he can only pretend to be good at it. I’m sorry about all this hate Kev, but really man, I just was not even having any fun here.

The script should have been written by Smith because I definitely know that if the direction wasn’t that good, at least I would have laughed a lot at what these guys had to say. Well, sadly that’s not the case because two schmucks wrote this, and just bring bad joke, after bad joke here and none of this works. The humor here could be classified as juvenile, or just simply “toilet humor”, but this film just seems like their really trying to gun for laughs, and the random sequence of non-stop film references didn’t help either.

What you need for a great buddy-cop film is chemistry, and these two do not have it. I think Tracy Morgan is hilarious when he’s saying weird things and stuff that doesn’t make sense in a very serious way. However, he’s not the guy you hand a script to that has hard jokes and has punch-lines to them. I got a couple of chuckles here and there mainly from him, but nothing that special. Bruce Willis seemed that he only had about 2 different emotions, either asleep or screaming. Willis really does look like he’s hating every second of this film, and sad to say I’m right there with him. Also, don’t be fooled but Seann William Scott isn’t in this film that much, and although he’s a little amusing, his character is just dumb in the first place. Also wasted in this cast is Kevin Pollak, Adam Brody, Rashida Jones, and Jason Lee.

Consensus: The gags are stale, the jokes are unfunny, and the action makes you want to yawn. To call Cop Out unwatchable is an understatement, this is just total shit, and it really is sad to see from a Kevin Smith fan’s standpoint, that this was actually done by him.



  1. Aahaha been tempted to give this a rent but thankfully, I haven’t wasted my time on this. Always feels good to write one of those reviews doesn’t it? 😉

      • Cop Out was definitely disappointing, but I very much enjoyed The Other Guys. I thought it was much funnier.

        You should check out Smith’s latest stand up: “Kevin Smith: Too Fat for Forty.” He talks about the series of events that led him to direct this rather than write something, and also tells a ton of great stories about Bruce Willis. Regardless of his films, I think Kevin Smith as a person is one of the funniest around right now. It’s on Netflix Instant.

  2. Damn dude, harsh review (but a fun read)! I agree that this movie was really disappointing and light on laughs, but I didn’t find it terribly offensive. Definitely not one of Kevin Smith’s better efforts, that’s for sure.

  3. i thought the movie would have been better if seann william scott wasn’t in the movie. he was so annoying and wouldn’t shut up. why didn’t somebody shoot him in the head? if somebody shot him like bruce willis for example it would have ended better. i thought the movie was funny but they still should have got rid of seann william scott. i don’t like him or his movies he is an asshole. i hate all the american pies he did.

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