MacGruber (2010)

I really need to find me some copies of MacGyver.

When he’s called back into action to deactivate archenemy Dieter Von Cunth (Val Kilmer), MacGruber (Will Forte) is on the case. Now, he must thwart Von Cunth’s plans to destroy Washington, D.C., with a nuclear warhead.

I must say when I found out that this SNL skit, which was pretty damn hilarious in the first place, was going to adapted, I automatically wondered just how bad this will be. Somehow, that doesn’t happen.

Sometimes, I get annoyed by how certain comedies just do raunchy and dirty things to bring out laughter, but this film didn’t bother me that much even though the whole film is basically just one crude joke after another. There’s no real story here, but the film makes up for that with having many funny situations, and jokes that hit right below the belt, but hit very hard and very well. My ribs weren’t hurting by the end of this, but I can easily say, I sure was laughing a whole lot, more than I actually expected really.

The whole film basically parodies a 1980’s action film, with the corny one-liners, cliche explosions, and 80’s music montages, but it never really satisfied me on that action level that I would have liked. The action just seemed pretty lame and didn’t do all that much to actually keep me fully entertained when there wasn’t any dirty jokes going on. I don’t really think that this is what the film was aiming for, but if it could have really went all the way to fully entertain everybody with some actually good action.

Will Forte, has never been my favorite SNL member, but he really is a goddamn riot as MacGruber. His intense and over-dramatic delivery took awhile to get used to, but somehow it got to me and I couldn’t stop but help to laugh at his character and all these crazy antics he does just had me cracking up. My only problem with this character is that MacGruber is kind of a dick, and you may find him funny, but that doesn’t make him all that likable. Some of the shit he does here is mean, and throughout the whole film I didn’t know whether or not I should have liked him, or liked his crazy antics. Ryan Phillipe is a really strange choice here as Lt. Piper, but he does a good job with it. But it actually does speak about his career and how he’s not all that of a serious dude, and will choose films where it can all be kind of moronic. Kristen Wiig plays Vickie St. Elmo, MacGruber’s love interest, and she seems to have stepped in the 70’s but she can definitely pull it off. She owns that sweet, subtle neurotic charm that she has about her, and really brings out some amazing laughs here. Val Kilmer is funny when does funny, but here he’s not really doing anything funny as the evil Dieter Von Cunth. Say that about 10 times and you’ll get the joke.

Consensus: Some elements here and there may not be as enjoyable, but the non-stop crude, raunchy, dirty, and dumb humor keeps MacGruber from being another bad SNL adaptation.




  1. Enjoyed it huh? I thought this was absolute garbage. Crap on pretty much every level, I thought. I kept avoiding it, but I had a friend that kept saying it was really funny, so I ended up seeing it on DVD. By the end, I knew I could never trust him recommending another movie to me (he had already given me recommendations for a couple other bad ones before).

    But yea, I can’t agree with this review here. I thought it was horrible and it’s not something I’d recommend watching at all. Not even for a rental. In fact, if over at a friend’s house and they announce they’re going to pop this movie in the DVD player, then get up and quickly excuse yourself and escape through the door before you find you’ve wasted an hour and a half. That would be my recommendation.

      • lol Yea, I just didn’t care for it. Didn’t help either that my friend hyped it to the moon so I was even more disappointed by it and thus hated it even more.

  2. I loved this. Mostly I had no expectations for it whatsoever, given that SNL’s track record with movies is kind of low of late and the skit itself isn’t particularly funny, but MacGruber took me by surprise and wound up being not just better than I thought it would be but a solid movie in its own right. Forte kills here. Him explaining his backstory with Van Cunth is one of the most appalling moments-played-for-comedy of 2010 by far (queue matter-of-fact “Of course I made her get an abortion” line); he plays MacGruber pretty broadly and like a giant caricature but it works really well.

    I don’t know, I couldn’t stop laughing at this. Just a great surprise.

    • It was a big surprise, and I just found myself laughing almost after everything that MacGruber said because it was just so cheesy, ridiculous, and overall hilarious.

  3. Obviously, I didn’t love it as much as you did. Sure, I gave it a low rating ,but I didn’t hate it. It just wasn’t to my liking. Think I may give it another shot soon and see if that changes my opinion.

    I love comedies…especially those thaty are actually funny. This one did have some good moments, I just wished there would have been more and that they fleshed out the action scenes some more and not made them such a joke…did that make any sense?

    great review, man!

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