Rock Star (2001)

Those dudes with more make-up than my mom, sure do know how to rock!

Mark Wahlberg stars as Chris, a lead singer wannabe who gets to live his wildest dream when he’s whisked from anonymity to being front man for Steel Dragon, the enormously popular metal band he worships. Accompanied on tour by his girlfriend, Emily (Jennifer Aniston), Chris soon discovers life in the fast lane is not what he envisioned, and the relationships he holds dear are strained as his star rises.

The 80’s was a pretty silly decade now that people look back at it. The hair, the make-up, the new wave music, but most of all heavy metal music.

One of the biggest problems with this film is that it’s script doesn’t do anything new or original to the whole rock star film genre. There are moments upon moments where the cheesiest lines pop up, and I’m not going to lie, some of it actually had me cringing. Lines like: “I’m leaving and never turning back” and “If you follow your dreams, you can do it”, just had me wondering where they actually serious when they wrote this script.

Another problem with the script is that there’s no actual insight into this film and every character here just seems like another cliche for a film that had so many. By the end of the film there is this life lesson about becoming your own person, and taking a life that is yours just seemed really lame and contrived.

However, this movie is actually somewhat entertaining throughout. I have always liked that 80’s glam metal and there’s a lot of it with bands such as KISS, Mötley Crüe, Ted Nugent, and AC/DC appearing on this soundtrack and it added a lot more of a fun vibe to the film. There is also a good amount of humor within this film that will have you laughing and feel like you’re apart of the ride with these guys, partying, drinking, having sexy time, and most of all just living the life of a rock star.

Mark Wahlberg is one of my favorite actors because he can play that everyday man like no other, and his role as Chris Cole is no different. I like how Wahlberg is this happy-go-lucky, smiley kid that finally gets to live his dream, but slowly starts to see that he doesn’t want all this chaos, and becomes fed up. Wahlberg plays this all so well, and that pure charm that he has, is one of the main reasons why Cole is a guy we like. Jennifer Aniston is actually good in this role as Emily Poule and had me laughing with some of the things she said here. Timothy Spall was basically the man as Mats, and all of his scenes just had me laughing, mainly because of Spall’s delivery that gets me every time. Dominic West, Timothy Olyphant, and plenty others pop up and all do a pretty good job too.

Consensus: Rock Star doesn’t have that much insight into the world of heavy metal music from the 80’s, and not a very good script, but the solid acting jobs and fun pace, keep this film entertaining although predictable.



  1. I thought it was an OK film. I’m a rock guy and I kinda liked Mark Wahlberg’s performance though the stuff during the closing credits were hilarious including the infamous return of Wahlberg’s old alter-ego.

    The person that kept the film from being a total disaster was Timothy Spall as the sympathetic road manager. I liked his scenes with Wahlberg and he was just very cool throughout.

    • It was OK, just nothing special mainly because of the corniness of the script. Marky Mark is the man, but Spall really did bring so much to his scenes and I have to say, I enjoyed him the most.

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