Liar Liar (1997)

I never ever tell a lie, so if this happened to me, it wouldn’t much matter…

Lawyer Fletcher Reede’s (Jim Carrey) mendacious ways destroyed his marriage and alienated his son, Max (Justin Cooper). But when Max makes a birthday wish that magically comes true, Fletcher finds himself incapable of telling a lie for 24 hours. That’s great news for Max and his mom (Maura Tierney), but terrible timing for Fletcher, who’s due in court to try a major divorce case.

I don’t know how many times I have actually seen this film, but it’s been many, many times. Somehow, it still never gets old.

The premise here is actually very good and scores plenty of laughs to go along with it. There are many moments in this film where it almost seems like the plot will actually run dry, however, the comedy keeps on going. Kind of like lying itself, sometimes it’s nice and sometimes it’s mean, the comedy from the plot keeps you laughing.

There’s a whole heap of froth and bubble which is unfortunately spoiled by traditional American family values as interpreted by Hollywood demographic doctors. The whole film just gets very sentimental and cheesy at many points and especially towards the end, to give off a great message about being a father and staying true to your family. This was all done on purpose to stay with it’s family audience, and kind of bothered me because the comedy here is sometimes so mean that it seems strange that they would actually have these little sweet moments about family.

The premise is good, but the only real reason this is funny, because of that man at the top right there. Jim Carrey is a guy that a lot hate, but others love. I’am one of those others. Fletcher Reede is one of his best comedic performances because everything he does here from the goofy faces, the weird exclamations, and non-stop craziness work so well. Carrey is one of those guys that will do anything for a laugh and here he is no different, bringing out some well-deserved laughs with everything in his might.

Consensus: The sentimental value may be a little bit annoying, but Jim Carrey brings Liar Liar’s good plot, to becoming a hilarious time.



  1. This is one of those essential Jim Carrey films I loved to watch. There’s some great humor that is geared for the kids but also for the adult. Especially that scene where Jim meets Krista Allen at the elevator. Mmmm, who wouldn’t want to have some of that?

    • Haha great scene, and there are plenty of others here. I just thought this was a little too cheesy at points. You’re a funny man Steven!

  2. I am glad you gave it a good rating. You are right, it is a bit too cheesy and sentimental (not necessarily a bad thing, really) but its very funny and uplifting at the same time! I love it!

  3. Don’t care what anyone says, this is Carrey’s best work. Riding the line between zany and serious where we don’t get too over the top Jim and it’s not too mopey either. Probably has the funniest outtakes of any film I’ve ever seen and I totally agree with you on this never getting old:)

  4. This movie coincidentally came out the same year as Titanic. I only want to point that out because the guy from Liar Liar and the actress from Titanic made the best movie couple ever, and if anyone said that in 1997, that person would be deemed crazy.

    Anyway, I watched The Cable Guy recently and I miss young, straight up comedy Jim Carrey. I’ll see if I can check this out soon, seeing that you enjoyed yourself with this movie.

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