Green Lantern (2011)

The Green Lantern film the fans have been waiting for…..if it were made for TV 15 years ago.

Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds), a brash, talented test pilot, is chosen by an alien force of warriors to become their representative on Earth and use his new powers as the Green Lantern to promote order and justice before conflict destroys his world. Despite being the first human to wear the ring that bestows his abilities, Hal must combat villain Parallax. Fellow pilot Carol Ferris (Blake Lively) aids Hal in his quest to save the galaxy.

It seems like Hollywood is trying anyway they can to get almost every superhero film done in time for the big Avengers film. Add this to the collection of superhero films that make more ready for it.

This film wasn’t really for me because I was not a huge fanboy of The Green Lantern comics, or The Green Lantern himself. I thought he was a pretty silly superhero to begin with and I looked to this film to have me like him more. Which it didn’t do really. The problem this movie has I think lies within it’s script which is so jumbled altogether with all these different stories and crazy mythology that it takes away from the actual story that could have been more compelling and easy enough to get behind. The mythology here they constantly talk about is also nonsensical and seems to have any reason to be put in there also.

Many scenes also felt like they had no real purpose and were just put in there to show a cool CGI shot that didn’t really do much to the film in the first place. But let’s not forget that this story doesn’t really get going until we are already an hour into the film and have already known what The Green Lantern can do, and who ALL of the characters are, what they do, and the purpose they actually serve to the story.

However, when it get’s going, it really does move much thanks to director Martin Campbell who knows what he’s doing when it comes to showing awesome action scenes. Campbell, who brought back to life the “Bond” films, knows what he’s doing when he wants to make the action fun and exciting look at and that transcends well with this material to 3-D. The film has tons and tons of CGI as well which isn’t necessarily a bad thing because it does look well-done here, I just wish they less on the special effects in some cases. Although, I still liked the CGI, because this film did actually look “pretty” to say the least.

Ryan Reynolds is very good as Hal Jordan, a role that some thought he wouldn’t be able to pull off but in my case, thought he did the best job there could be to be done. He has the looks, he has the charm, he has the humor, but he also has the dramatic acting chops that makes it look like he actually wants to be there and not just phoning it all in for an easy paycheck. That is why I liked Reynolds so much here. Blake Lively is just gorgeous as Carol Ferris; Peter Sarsgaard is always vilainous in anything he does and his performance as the big testicle, Dr. Hector Hammond, is no different; and Mark Strong is also awesome as the porn-star look-alike, Sinestro. The rest of the cast is fine as well with the likes of Angela Bassett, Tim Robbins, Geoffrey Rush, and Michael Clarke Duncan.

Consensus: Martin Campbell knows what he’s doing with the action and the cast, especially Reynolds, all do well with their own individual performances, but the script is clonky with too much going on and not enough focus on the real story at hand, which may have fanboys totally pissed off. However, not being a fan of the original comic books, I must say that I walked away happy that I saw this.



  1. Well, so far from what I’ve read from the bloggers and now you. It’s not as bad as it seems but not that great either.

    Damn you Leonardo DiCaprio for tapping Blake Lively. I gotta know his secret to getting all of that poontang.

  2. I agree that Green Lantern is a silly superhero, I don’t understand why he must charge his ring in order to use it. You said that there is too much going on, I felt like there was NOTHING going on actually. This movie is like watching your brother play Mass Effect.

    • Too much going on as in the story was a little too much about one thing, and it should have been about another. However, I still wasn’t bothered terribly by this film.

  3. “Peter Sarsgaard is always vilainous in anything he does and his performance as the big testicle, Dr. Hector Hammond”

    I can’t get that visual out of my head now! X(

    Yes and yes, I totally agree with you on this review. It’s just a mediocre movie with a lot of untapped potential. As a “fanboy” of the series, the execution of the GL movie just left me disappointed.

    • I’m not a huge fanboy but I can see why you would be disappointed. A lot of his tricks and everything seem like the Wonder Twins, but I still had fun despite that.

  4. You’re review is intriguing, due to your sharp-edged opinions, justified by yourself through your specific explanations. I will definetly follow your other reviews. I’m curious.
    I must also express my utter surprise to learn Geoffrey Rush starred as Tomar-Re. (THANKS TO YOU, as you mentioned him, and I excitedly IMBded him.) He is brilliant, of course, certainly in Shakespeare in Love, King’s Speech, Pirates, and according to my friends, Shine (which I must watch). I’m astonished that he played in Green Lantern, being that sci-fi is not his usual genre.

  5. Good points, I guess im a little harsh on any superhero films because I love the genre so much but I still think that this is as bad as the fantastic four films. Thanks for reading my blog and check out my review for Tree of Life soon cause I think Im seeing it tonight!

  6. I disagre about director Campbell. To me he never really seemed to be in control of what’s going on and instead he decided to cram the film with as much noise as possible hoping it might distract his audience from thinking that this is actually all a bit of a mess…

    He clearly feels uneasy with this universe and doesn’t quite know what to make of it. The whole philosophical side is just ridiculous, the action scenes are too messy, the special effects underwhelming and the love story is so flat that it becomes redundant.

    The pace is completely off and for a film of this kind which last just under two hours, I found myself looking at my watch way too often.

    My FULL Review:

    • I see what you’re saying about Campbell and the whole film but I enjoyed myself for the most part even if it was a bit messy. I think that it could have been better, but for what I got, I had a bit of fun. Just nothing special.

  7. Thanks for the comment on FlickChart, Dan it was very appreciated!

    I’m glad you managed to overlook some of the film’s flaws and still had a good time. Speaking as a fan of the Green Lantern comics it was what I was waiting for. I suppose I let sentimentality get into the way.

  8. good review Dan! GL was quite lacking and I’m sad to see that, but I agree. Hollywood is trying to get too many superheroes into the movies. I’m surprised they chose GL before WonderWoman. I am afraid that they will start doing movies for all the heroes that do not have a big following: ruining the genre forever.

    They are already discussing a movie for DC’s Hawkman, Marvel’s Hawkeye, Black Widow, Dr. Strange, etc. Who will be next? Batgirl?

      • I hear ya Ipodman, but there has to be some type of stipulation. I am not all that convinced that a movie about Black Widow or just about Hawkeye would be altogether a great movie worthy of blockbuster status. Nick Fury is a good choice NOW, only because of the appearances they have made to build up his character. The last Nick Fury movie with David Hasselhoff=horrendous. Not enough of a following. I just want them to make quality movies and choose with more discretion!

        Not much right now would make me rush out to see a movie centered solely around Aquaman…I’m just saying! haha

  9. Hmm…good point Scarletsp1der, but to me it really depends on who is making the movie…

    If ten years ago you told me that teens will be rushing to the theater to watch Batman, I wouldn’t believe you. But one day Christopher “Inception” Nolan came in, made the amazing Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, and now Batman is the coolest superhero around!

    I feel like nowadays a movie could be about anything, even Battleship for goodness sake. It has come to a point where I don’t care what the movie is based on or what it is about, I just want the movie to be good.

  10. great review man! did my own yesterday. some things we disagree on, but hey that happens, right?

    btw…there actually is a movie about Battleship in the works…lol

  11. Just a heads-up, as I didn’t see it in the other comments, but Green Lantern won’t have anything to do with the Avengers. That’s for the Marvel heroes like Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Hawkeye, and Nick Fury.

    The Green Lantern movie seems to have been an attempt by DC/Warner to recreate the same success they saw with Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, but unfortunately it seems to have fallen into the Catwoman and Superman Returns category for DC/Warner superhero films, though I think it’s best equitable to Fantastic Four or Hulk (Marvel movies) when it comes to execution.

  12. I hadn’t really thought about the crazy mythology of the Green Lantern (I think i was overwhelmed by the special effects) – but agree, that it really was the weak link in this movie.

  13. I agree with your assessment. It seems like the directors of these superhero films don’t want to take too many chances and push the envelope. This entire movie could have taken place in space. The traditional romance angle in these movies is getting old. This movie could have been epic and started a new genre of superhero movie making.

  14. I wish I could give Martin Campbell more credit. Although, I agree with you that the script is by far the film’s biggest problem, but I think another director could have taken it to better places. All the scenes that could have been great were rushed, and some of that is on Campbell. But yea, this is okay. Not terrible, but nothing special.

    • Campbell could have done a lot more with this than just totally rushed it as a whole, but I still did have fun with this film. It’s just not a very memorable superhero film in the end.

  15. I think the action scenes of Green Lantern need improvement above everything else. Even if the story sucks, I can still give it a pass if the action scenes are good. The actions scenes in Green Lantern are too messy and confusing and there’s no sense of danger at all.

  16. Hi Dan. Thanks for visiting my blog. A great review and I am glad that I found someone who actually agreed on some of the point I had in my mind. Thanks

  17. I really enjoyed this as a rental not knowing jack about GL previously.
    I concur on your main points: Reynolds a good fit as Jordan; Lively very becoming onscreen with acting chops to boot. Rush was great at fish alien and voiceover. Some plot points slightly blurry but the character arc of cocky loner, receives new power, shuns responsibility, embraces and delivers as hero makes a fun movie. 😉

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