Jackass 3D (2010)

These dudes balls must be really done.

Johnny Knoxville — the original Jackass himself — returns after a long hiatus and subjects himself to all-new stunts involving wild animals, dangerous heights and other perils guaranteed to do him bodily harm. “Jackass” regulars Bam Margera and Steve-O also endure their share of punishment

It’s been four years since the Jackass guys last showed their dongs and destroyed their bodily functions, and it was nice to finally see these guys back in “action”. I only wished that this was the definitive swan song for these guys.

As far as the stunts are concerned, they are not as funny as I was expecting. There were a couple of bits that had me laughing, others chuckling, and many others where I just went: “ooowww”, but nothing else came after that. There were maybe only a couple of of stunts that actually had me howling in my seat, but very rarely did that actually happen which bummed me out because the first two had me laughing my ass off just about.

My problem with this film was that it didn’t seem like it was doing anything cool, or even new with these numerous gross-out stunts. Jackass 1 was hilarious but not death-defying; Jackass 2 was insane and many times I thought that these guys were going to die; Jackass 3 is a showcase for random shit and ball gags. I loved watching these guys do the usual shock humor that their so known for, and just grossing the hell out of their audiences, but everything here felt kind of forced or not as funny as it all once was.

It was great to see the whole crew back together in a way, except for Chris Raab, who is also my neighbor. That’s no joke there either. Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Bam Margera, Wee Man, and an incredibly charming Chris Pontius are all here but why would the hell are they still all doing this shit, if they have kids? It was fun watching all these young kids back in the early 21st century doing whatever it is they wanted to do because honestly, they didn’t care. But now, in their late 30’s, they all seem worn-out and more against getting hurt than they used to be. I think I could only watch Knoxville in a grand-pa outfit so many times, to the point where it just wasn’t funny anymore because they just are so old and this all seems childish and dumb. I liked how they sued 3-D for this film and it was kind of cool to see how everything looked, but I didn’t need it since seeing flying dildos and human feces in 3-D isn’t much different than 2-D.

Now, I’m not saying that I don’t like this type of comedy because I have always had a special place in my heart for these crazy son-of-a-bitches because they were always so willing to deform themselves for the sake of my enjoyment. I know I wouldn’t do half of the shit they do, just for entertainment but I can say that I appreciate these guys so much for that and I would watch their re-runs over any Jersey Shore marathon. However, these guys are getting old and it’s pretty obvious, which is a shame because I know they can get more creative ideas, but I think their time has past on.

Consensus: Jackass 3D isn’t meant for anyone who wants a “smart” comedy and even though it may have some funny stunts done here, just didn’t feel as new or inventive as the first two as these guys are starting to get older and older as the films go on by.


RIP Ryan Dunn


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