The Crying Game (1992)

The twist heard all over the world. And then was kind of forgotten about.

To free their jailed comrade, Irish Republican Army terrorists Fergus (Stephen Rea) and Jude (Miranda Richardson) abduct British soldier Jody (Forest Whitaker), hoping to make a swap. Fergus and Jody bond, and, sensing death in the offing, the prisoner asks his captor to look up Dil (Jaye Davidson), Jody’s London paramour. When the IRA’s plan backfires, Fergus takes flight, locates Dil, falls into a romance and … gets the shock of his life.

Back in 1992, this film was making head-lines for a certain twist that had people all over the world going bonkers. No, I will not tell you the twist but if you know it already going in like I did, you will still like this film.

Writer and director Neil Jordan does a great job with the film here because it starts off very bleak with a kidnapping and being all confined to this green-house, but then we are taken to the streets of London and everything changes, but yet there is still that bleakness in the air. A lot of this film is focused on the story and characters being developed while not forgetting to actually keep a certain sense of suspense here and there.

Another thing about Jordan and what he does here, is that he actually combines all of these different types of genres, with some twists and turns while still staying on track and giving us some much-needed themes and messages about sex, gender, and race. There is a lot of dark things here but Jordan somehow just knows the right way to keep this material compassionate for the characters that inhabit this story, and how each and everyone of us have a mask, and when we take it off, the real person comes out. Whether that person being nice or bad, it’s what we are as humans.

The problem with this film as it goes along, I felt myself sort of falling more and more out of the story because what started off really engaging, turns into something interesting, then just turns into a predictable and cliche-ridden thriller that comes out every Friday at the movies. It sort of disappointed me because I was really starting to get involved with this story but then I guess I just saw where it was all going, and then my interest was sort of lost, even if it was sort of still there.

Stephen Rea is very good as Fergus, a guy who I did not imagine being as compassionate and easy to like as I imagined, but somehow Rea plays almost every emotion Fergus has, to his core. Rea practically plays the same guy he plays in every film now, but that’s not really a bad thing since he is so good at doing it. Jaye Davidson is very good as Dil, and without giving too much away, plays this character that we don’t want to believe, but just somehow really stand behind and enjoy every time she’s on screen. It’s a shame that this person doesn’t do much anymore, because this performance shows a really bright career. Forest Whitaker may be considered one of the leads in this film even though he’s not in it for too long, but every scene he has is so perfect and just made me realize that he had Oscar written all over him back in 1992.

As for our little twist, it’s pretty shocking, but that’s if you don’t know what’s going to happen. I knew it from the beginning because everybody told me, but to be brutally honest, if I didn’t know already, I would have been able to tell right away. It’s pretty obvious but back in a time where this twist was completley daring, I could see why so many people would freak over it. If you know it don’t tell your friends, but just be expecting a shocker….kind of.

Consensus: What starts really strong, soon turns into pretty predictable and cheesy, but with a dark direction, great writing, and a pair of powerful performances, The Crying Game works about 1 hour and 25 minutes in, but then just falls. Also, be ready for a shocker, even though many of you actually reading this already probably know what it is.



  1. The twist heard all over the world. And then was kind of forgotten about.

    Ha! Wellllll put. Well put indeed.

    Yeah, good summary… I havent seen it in years and years. My biggest recollection is one of my friends being all embarrassed because he thought “she” was kind of hot. LOL!!

  2. I have actually never seen this movie. I know about the twist, but what kept me from watching it was that it just seemed too weird and for no reason. Does it make sense in the context of the movie? Have a reason? Or is it just there as a “… GOTCHA!” weird moment?

  3. Big fan of the crying game – an underrated European film.

    Hasn’t aged that well tbh but some of the performances are way underrated Forest Whttaker especially.

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