The Extra Man (2010)

Gives me hope of one day being a gigolo myself.

It seems like this BoomTron shindig is becoming a Friday thanggg now. Well, anywhoo, go on out and check out the review of this little indie-flick. As always, leave some love, say hey, or just read it and let me know what ya think in the comments section.

Check out the link here:

Thanks ya’ll! Happy Friday! Try to check out the new cool action thriller Drive, with my man-crush in it. And also don’t forget about an unneeded Straw Dogs remake, and Sara Jessica Parker doing some raaaaaaange.



  1. I remember seeing this one, but don’t actually remember whether I liked it or not, which sounds like it’s pretty much in line with your score. At the time, I think it was a summer release and people said that maybe Kline could get an Oscar nomination, but as with most indie summer releases, that never turned out to be true. Great Review!

  2. I hated this movie. I don’t know why it rubbed me the wrong way, but I couldn’t even it make it through the whole thing. I shut it off about 45 minutes in.

    Maybe on another day I could at least tolerate it, but it sounds like it’s really not worth a revisit.

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