Tower Heist (2011)

Donald Trump better watch his men extra close now.

When a group of workers at a ritzy Manhattan condo realize their boss has swindled them out of their pensions, they vow to reap their own justice. With the cooperation of the building manager, the group devises an ingenious plot to recover the funds.

When I first heard of this film and saw the trailer, I thought it was going to be good because it had the return of Brett Ratner and Eddie Murphy. But then I thought about it, and I realized it was the return to form of Brett Ratner and Eddie Murphy I was talking about but this is certainly nothing like the pieces of shit they have turned out recently.

This is basically the concept of the “Ocean’s” films but with a sloppier cast of characters and a high-rise building in Manhattan but it’s not all that much different. The film is very funny and had me laughing a lot but there are also other times when the film gets a little bit serious about getting back at the ones who have made your lives miserable. In some sense the film feels a bit uneven because of this but regardless I still had a fun time laughing my ass off as what all these characters were saying.

The film doesn’t seem like it would be original or new in any kind of way, but it actually is a bit original which provided a lot of enjoyment for me. I love heists, and I love comedies when they are done right so when they put these two together for this film, everything just felt right. I liked how they had all of these buffoons who had no idea really how to rob or steal anything, so basically the whole film just shows you exactly how real people would act if they were put into these types of situations that go from bad to worse to sometimes perfectly executed. It’s a whole lot of fun to see this and it was definitely more original than another “heist/plan gone wrong” film ‘Horrible Bosses‘.

I think the real fault of this film is that it did so well in keeping me laughing as well on the edge of my seat the whole time, that the film sort of starts to fall away from the comedy and be more about the heist itself. It may seem weird that I had a problem with this because I was still enjoying myself, but I still thought that they could have done a little laugh here and there, but instead just totally focused on the action and heist at hand. However, I was very surprised by how well Ratner did with the action and kept the film moving at a fun pace that never really stops to just sit and get emotional.

Eddie Murphy is not the best part of the film as Sly, but he is one of the better parts because he is just so funny here and almost makes you forget about all of the dumb-ass family films he’s done in the past decade. I was glad to see Murphy go back to his old-school roots and finally be that snappy-ass, crazy, and always funny black dude that you don’t wanna mess with because he’s always too smart and too cool. Murphy made me laugh every time he was on screen and I thought this was a perfect choice as Sly and hopefully he continues to do cool stuff like this.

The reason he may not be the best is because I don’t think the film used him as much as I was expecting. In the first act, he shows up only a couple times, then he totally takes over the second act with every line he says, but then by the end of the film, his character’s resolution is just sort of just left there and almost like he was forgotten about, considering he was probably the most memorable out of the whole cast. This was a shame but I still will say that Murphy owns this role and every chance he gets with it.

The rest of the cast is hilarious and all of them do well. Ben Stiller is good as the usual average Joe, named Josh; Michael Peña fills a lot of comedy when Murphy isn’t around, and he does it well like I expected; Matthew Broderick is maybe the 2nd funniest by how random the things that his character says, and how almost everything he says has nothing to do with the heist really; and Casey Affleck is surprisingly very funny as well as Charlie, but I still can’t get over Ben. Alan Alda is the man in this role as Arthur Shaw, and he’s almost too likable to actually hate him. However, Alda is so good at playing villainous roles that he can make the worst son-of-a-bitch seem just a tad bit charming. The girls in this film are also good with Téa Leoni playing the FBI agent, who has a hilarious drunk scene with Stiller; and Gabourey Sidibe is also funny with her Jamaican accent that seems fake, but still had me laughing just because her character is so damn funny.

Consensus: Tower Heist may seem a bit uneven, but it still has a very fun feel to it with goofy comedy, fun performances from the whole entire cast, especially Eddie Murphy, and a story that actually entertains with some very funny moments.



  1. Well, it sounds like you liked it a lot
    more than I did Daniel-San, but we both wound up with about the same grade.

    I thought the “Heist” wasn’t clever enough by heist movie standards… So they should have amped up the comedy.

    Still, it was fun enough. Not a BAD movie at all.
    Still, it

  2. Thanks for the comment on my blog! Looks like we both agreed on the same grade, good review. I agree heists and comedies are just a really fun combination. I really loved Michael Pena’s role, other than Eddie him and Broderick got some of the biggest laughs in the theater. Great cast!

    • It got a lot of laughs from just about everybody in the cast, and even Stiller got some laughs as well, which almost seems too rare these days. Thanks Hiren!

  3. Enjoyed reading this review and watching Tower Heist. I agree with just about everything you said. The cast was great and made the movie entertaining.

  4. wow, thats a great review! well written! and i agree with you, was an entertaining film! i dont normally like the way eddie acts, but he was damn funny in this film

  5. Just got back from work, and as promised, I took a look at your review. I tend to write my reviews first (and on the fly) before I make a bigger effort at hunting down the reviews of others, just to see what other movie buffs thought of the same movie. Your reviews are always a pleasure to read; they are very well written.

    In particular, this review was as fun to read as the movie was to watch. Perhaps it’s because I have an overactive imagination, but your words definitely brought back all the hilarity of the film that I just couldn’t help but shake my head and laugh while I was reading this, because I was totally reliving all the funniest moments of the film that are still fairly fresh in my memory. It may just be because the movie did a good job at being memorably funny, but let’s just give all the credit for my laughter tonight to you, shall we? 😉

  6. Seems you liked it a little more than I Dan? I thought it was ok, but I didn’t laugh out loud once. The family on the row behind me thought it was hilarious, maybe I am just a grumpy movie blogger.

  7. Nice review! I see you took a stab @ “Horrible Bosses”, which I found to be a much funnier and more entertaining heist comedy than this one. I did however enjoy watching this movie, but was not a fan of either Broderick or Murphy, although you found them most appealing. But I do find that we agree on the jist of the film as a whole. It had enough going on to keep you entertained, and thats way more than I expected from this movie. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    • No problem Taj! I liked this a lot because the cast really kept me involved and the direction never really lost itself in anything that it wasn’t supposed to be in, in the first place. Thanks!

  8. I couldn’t agree more with you about Eddie Murphy. Great Review. I don’t know how you manage to watch the amount of films that you do, but keep em comin! Good work.

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