Like Crazy (2011)

Note to self: don’t date chicks with British accents.

American Jacob (Anton Yelchin) and British Anna (Felicity Jones) meet and fall madly in love atcollege in Los Angeles, but must make their relationship work long distance when Anna returns to London. With an ocean between them, their trust is tested, forcing them to confront the idea that their love may be impermanent. Or can it survive against the odds?

After seeing all of the trailers for this film, I had a feeling this was going to be my kind of film considering it was like a ‘Blue Valentine’ for teens. Except this one didn’t make me want to chop my head off so much.

Director and co-writer Drake Doremus does a sensational job here with this film because it runs at a brisk 89 minutes, but he somehow is able to jam in 5 years of these kids relationship into that run-time without any real problems. Months almost past in between scenes and although it never tells you when time has actually changed, I knew right away exactly when and where this story went.

Everything here seems pretty natural because being in love and being young, I know how it feels to have that young love. It’s something beautiful, something grand, something unlike any other, and something that just takes you away from the rest of the world and almost make you feel like nothing can tear you apart. However, sometimes love can be very hurtful and ugly. This film shows that as these two have to go through many hurdles being away from each other so much and at times it’s painful to watch since they just don’t know what to do and wait to see where life takes them. It takes them together, it takes them apart, and other times it takes them to places they would have least expected, but either way, everything here felt natural and real as if this would happen say two people fell madly in love and had to go through a huge problem such as this.

The problem Doremus runs into with this film is the fact that I do think that he runs into the occasional problems of falling into the usual romantic-drama schmaltz. There are moments that feel so natural and real that I started to believe it, but then there were other moments where something would happen and it would seem totally random, but that one person would make the biggest deal about it.

Without giving away any major spoilers something here happens in this film that has to do with a bracelet that comes off of Anna at a very serious time and she makes the biggest stink about it, when in reality, I highly doubt somebody would care especially “at that certain moment”. I know I’m being incredibly vague, but I just can’t say it. I also barely ever saw Jacob actually working on his job as a furniture designer. Yeah he makes a chair here and there but he’s always out doing something and leaving for Britain, when nobody else is there. That’s gotta be a great business he has going for him!

The performances of Felicity Jones and Anton Yelchin is what really kept me into this film. Yelchin has always been playing these sort of little child-like roles like in ‘Charlie Bartlett’, or ‘Fright Night’, or even ‘Terminator: Salvation’ for that matter but here he shows a great growth in maturity with his role as Jacob because he has to act like a normal adult would but still have emotions as if he just got stood up at the carnival. Trust me, I know how that shit feels. Jones is even better as Anna who doesn’t know what she wants, needs, or even believes in anymore and has so much emotions going through her facial expressions that it’s almost hard to not shed a tear watching her shed one as well.

They are both great together and they feel natural because as time goes on, they both start from something funny, cute, and a little goofy, but then go to sad, frustrated, mad, and hurt. All of these emotions come out perfectly between both of them together, whether they are speaking or not speaking, you know that something is right about them together and although the story may have some unbelievability to it, Yelchin and Jones really made me believe in their relationship together.

I think that this film really misused Jennifer Lawrence as Jacobs on-and-off again lady friend, Samantha because shes really cool and chill. I didn’t see why Jacob was thinking so hard when he was with her because in all honesty, all she ever wanted to do was just love him and make him happy and I also want to know what she was doing with such a sad sap in the first place. You see how he is without Anna and it’s a surprise that he actually starts going out with Samantha in the first place.

Another and final problem I had with this film is not just a problem with this film but also plenty others. What I’m trying to say is that I’m getting real damn tired of these ambiguous endings. I usually like them but lately it seems like almost every film I run into every day has one and this one has the worst of all considering the note they end on is not only pretty sad but also abrupt as if the film was not finished. This bothered me a lot but its a new occurrence in the film industry and I hope if more and more films are going to have these ambiguous endings, then they should at least not be as abrupt and random.

Consensus: Like Crazy has its fair share of schmaltz, cliches, and unbelievability, but it’s honest look at young love that is beautiful but sometimes hurts is refreshing, as well as the unbelievable chemistry and performances from Jones and Yelchin.




  1. Agree with a lot of what you said. The ending didn’t seem at all ambiguous to me, I won’t say how I took it so as not to ruin it for others, but for me it was infuriating and a complete and utter cheat to the audience. There’s a way to get to that ending without pulling the rug out from under the audience.

    • I just felt like the ending was just something that could have been elaborated a bit more rather than just ending it abruptly but still it had an effect on me none the less. Thanks Ryan!

  2. I was not as enamored by the performances as you. Maybe my heterosexuality betrays me, but I never got what it was about Anton Yelchin’s character that made gorgeous girls like Felicity Jones and Jennifer Lawrence readily jump to his side.

    Despite the fact that we drastically disagree about the film, I will say this is a nicely written review. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Alex! It’s not everybody’s favorite film, which I can easily say but it still did have some good moments where it really did work and Yelchin was great too.

  3. Anton Yelchin is definitely an up and coming talent; liked him FRIGHT NIGHT. Btw, when I wrote “Seems kind of gay” about that 300-ish movie you just reviewed – name escapes me – I meant the film not your site or review! Sorry!

  4. Great review! I haven’t seen the movie yet since it sadly isn’t showing in any theaters near me yet, but this review makes a lot of points I would have guessed about the film. I’m looking forward to seeing the movie more after reading this though.

  5. Oh I totally get the bracelet scene! She’s not being true to her feelings.
    And the end – well, it shows that even wanting something so much might not be all that is required.
    Loved the review Dan.

  6. I thought the ending was ambiguous but less so than you did. It ended and I thought well they don’t aren’t in love with each other anymore. All that and it was for nothing. The movie is definitely a must though. I liked your review too.

    • It seems like a lot more people are having a lot more problems with the ending then I did but I honestly can’t say that I was that bothered by what they were trying to say, but just how abrupt and quick it happened. Thanks!

  7. I did not like this film as much as you. I liked that the film had a very authentic feel in the beginning. However, when Jennifer Lawrence’s character was introduced, I lost interest in the film. I actually like Lawrence and I think it was the writing that let her down. Her character was introduced so abruptly and just seemed like such a cliche obstacle.

    The acting way pretty good, otherwise. Felicity Jones is a real find and Anton Yelchin continues to be one of the best up-and-comers (I really liked him in The Beaver and he was the best part about the 4th Terminator).

    • The acting is what makes this film a great and true tale but other things bothered me by how cheesy they could be. However, there were many natural feelings to this film as well. Thanks Ryan!

  8. Oh I’m super jealous that you got to see this, I have been dying to and it doesn’t look like it will be playing in a theater near me, but you never know. Glad to see that it will be worth buying on DVD when it comes out. Great Review.

  9. Wow, I haven’t seen that many reviews on this movie out there. I really would like to see this, and may catch it if it ever gets a cinema release. I have a wee girl-crush on Felicity Jones at the moment. Good review!

  10. Hey Dan! Good review.
    Hollywood is on a whim now especially with several critically-acclaimed rom-coms [(500) Days of Summer for example] doing good business, and have decided to cash out small bucks for a big profit. Like Crazy is just one of those. However, the film didn’t appeal much to me as it did to most people.

  11. great review, but I personally enjoyed the ending…. it leaves us in the dark! not only does that start up a heated debate but it’s also very believable.. in all honesty if they whisked off into the sunshine happily in love who would buy that? and if they ended things it would be just another blue valentine.. with this ending you can either hope for the best for these two.. or just know they’re another doomed couple.

    p.s. I didnt really see that many cliches! I mean everyone does some pretty cliche things when they’re in love!

    but again great review!

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