New Year’s Eve (2011)

Just another excuse for people to go, “oooh look who it is!”.

‘New Year’s Eve’ celebrates love, hope, forgiveness, second chances and fresh starts, in the intertwining stories of couples and singles, told amidst the pulse and promise of New York City on the most dazzling night of the year.

Oh once again, another holiday, another holiday, and yes, another time for Garry Marshall to make Robert Altman turn around in his grave. This is basically the same exact thing as Marshall’s same ensemble-filled film, ‘Valentine’s Day’, and even though this one is only just a tad better, that really is not saying much at all.

What these types of films always have problems with is that all of these types of films have so many stars passing in-and-out of the flick as if it was I95 but they are sometimes not really given much to do, instead of just to be there and look pretty. This is the case with this flick and I felt like Marshall really rushed things here to the point of where he wasn’t really concerned with the stories as much as he was more concerned with just getting as much stars up on the screen before they had to go leave and shoot a better film. When I say this, I’m not talking about Sarah Jessica Parker. She loves this kind of stuff and I think she may be the only one who does too.

Another problem with all of these films is the fact that almost everything everybody says here either seem like cliches, something taken out of another flick, or just plain schmaltz. The film always goes for being sweet, cute, and loving but it more or less just comes off as being the same old crap that I’ve seen time and time again, except this time with Jon Bon Jovi spouting out corny love songs. But then again, the guy owned The Philadelphia Soul, so it’s not as bad if say someone like Nick Jonas was doing it. Yeah, that kids lame.

I knew I was going to get this kind of stuff before I went into this flick but I honestly think that these films try way too hard to give more meaning about a holiday that is basically all about getting plastered with your buddies, yelling random shit at people you’ve never met in your life, freezing your ass off, counting down till a big-ass glow ball hits the bottom in 10 seconds, ending up making out with a person that chick that looks like your sister, and waking up the next morning in somebody else’s bath tub with a splitting headache. I’m not at all speaking from experience but let me just tell you that when it comes to this holiday, not many people are reflecting on the past year and what they are thankful for and what they aren’t thankful for. So stop trying to give it more meaning than it already needs Garry!

However, as much as I wanted to diss on this film for what it obviously fails in, there were moments here where I was enjoying myself probably because New Year’s is such a fun holiday and that’s something that I don’t think Marshall took away from. There are moments where this film actually seems funny and had me chuckling here and there, mainly because of the cast and probably just because this film sort of put me in a good mood. It’s also one of the rare cases where the “bloopers” during the end credits had me laughing a lot more throughout them, instead if the whole film itself.

The whole cast here is star-studded everywhere you look and made this film a little bit better. Instead of naming the whole cast like I normally do with these ensemble-like films, I’ll just run down the people who were probably the most enjoyable. Zac Efron was probably the one dude I had the most fun watching up on screen; Hilary Swank is actually quite convincing as a Times Square vice president; and Sofia Vergara is not only stunningly gorgeous but fun as hell to watch here as the sex-pot chef. There are others that were somewhat fun but too many times were there just these big-named stars just sitting around doing nothing. I’m talking to you, Ludacris. And no, I will still not call you by your “real name”.

I mean to be brutally honest, Valentine’s Day is not a very joyous and fun holiday probably because it’s too centered on having a love on this one special day. However, New Year’s Day where you can just do whatever the hell you want basically and have a blast the whole time no matter how old, young, or if you’re single or not. This film may have it’s obviously problems with plot, writing, and overall construction, but keeping to the fun and reckless spirit that is New Year’s, is what made my enjoyment level of this flick higher than I ever expected it to be in the first place.

Consensus: There is plenty of schmaltz, corniness, and moments that will more or less make you want to punch the writers in the face, but when it comes to keeping the actual fun and unpredictable atmosphere/spirit of it’s holiday, New Year’s Eve is a fun flick for anybody that wants to see stars coming-and-going non-stop for a whole 118 minutes.


If you have just read this review and cannot believe I just did what I did, please do not have any lost hope for me. I will once again get back to reviewing shit and calling it exactly what it is. I promise people.


  1. Cliches? Schmaltz?

    It’s an excuse for getting as many celebrities as they can in front of the camera in one movie?

    Awww, man, Dan, you’re killin’ me. From the trailers it looked so good!




    I’m sorry, I can’t waitaminute… I … Ok, ok, ok, that’s better, thats good. OK.

    Oh man. I’m better now thanks.

    Pretty obvious from square one what this movie would be. Shite on a stick.

  2. This is probably the highest score I’ve seen given to this film, so you must have liked it a little more than the other blogs I’ve seen. Nice job!

    And then your line “I’m not at all speaking from experience…”…. Somehow I don’t believe you. Hahaha!

  3. My family liked the film a lot; then again, we love corny movies. I agree that there were too many celebrities, especially ones with too little to do (like John Lithgow). But I liked the positive, typical Garry Marshallesque messages. And I especially liked the fact that Lea Michele got to sing! Maybe the movie really is aimed towards an older, less-cynical crowd?

    • I guess that’s who it was more aimed towards although I think that this flick is just totally corny but still fun in its own little gentle way. Thanks Susan!

  4. This review cracks me up. From your description of what New Year’s is “really” like and how Marshall should stop making it more than what it is, to this line: “There is plenty of schmaltz, corniness, and moments that will more or less make you want to punch the writers in the face,” I’m pretty sure you haven’t lost any credibility on calling crap out on what it is.

    Glad to hear it was somewhat enjoyable. I doubt I’ll make it to the theater on this one, but in case I do, I’ll keep your hilarious thoughts in mind. Thanks for the funny review.

  5. Your tagline for this film pretty much summed up what I expected! haha. Yeah, not really planning on seeing this anytime soon…although, I do tend to like Ludacris (a.k.a. Chris Bridges) in films! haha!

  6. Lovely review as always. 🙂 Looks like we agree on most things about this movie. Sorry I haven’t been able to respond to all your entries. I’ve been so busy with life lately that I haven’t even had the time to keep up with writing my own entries. Thanks for your support as always, and looking forward to seeing your reviews that I’m sure will pop up come this weekend. There’s at least one or two that are opening this Friday that seem worth the watch; at least, in my opinion anyway.

  7. Ugh, my wife wants me to take her to see this sometime this week.
    After hearing everybody talk about this and reading your review it just makes me want to wait till DVD but I don’t think that will happen.
    I should have her read your review to help influence her decision to wait 😉

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