Something’s Gotta Give (2003)

Being Jack Nicholson has to be awesome.

Sixty and still sexy, Harry (Jack Nicholson) is having the time of his life, wining, dining and bedding women half his age. When he agrees to go to the Hamptons with his girlfriend (Amanda Peet), plans go awry when her playwright mother, Erica (Diane Keaton), stops in unannounced. While the living arrangements are awkward at first, Harry soon discovers there’s nothing wrong with — and plenty good about — acting your age.

Writer/director Nancy Meyers is known for her usual, old-school rom-coms such as It’s Complicated, The Parent Trap, and What Women Want among others. Out of all of those ones I’ve seen, none have really been amazing but still fun which isn’t something I could say for a lot of other rom-coms that come out just about every Friday.

The film has a good balance of comedy and drama which starts off very well in the beginning of the film. It’s more a comedy of manners, where people say certain goofy things, they wouldn’t normally say so there is that sort of nervous laughter thing going on but it still works and actually had me laughing.

The romance aspect of this film also works well too because it actually has a little sweet tone to it, that is even better because of the smooth pace this film is given. However, the whole charm and sweetness of this film doesn’t run on forever, and soon starts to fall down the “cheesiness-ladder” quicker and quicker than I expected. There are moments that feel way too over-dramatic, which is something I expected from this chick-flick but come on, it got to be a little too much at points.

There is a scene where these two have sex and after wards they both start to cry, which at first, I laughed because I thought the film was doing a joke or trying to be humorous, until I realized that the film was serious when it showed these two grown-ups crying after a little session of doing the dirty. This had me unintentionally laughing as well as the ending, which feels way too over dramatic and heavy when it’s compared to the beginning and how this film first started off.

It also looks as if it was made on the same set as those really cheesy and lame soap commercials where they show somebody just running down the beach with their “man”. This wasn’t a total bother, I could just tell that the whole set was a little too bright for me and I found it a little hoaky to begin with.

When it comes down to it though, Jack & Diane can act. Jack Nicholson is the total man as Harry Sanborn, this old playboy who doesn’t date over 30. He’s the man in this role and almost every line is just totally charming because it has him saying the lines. I don’t even think he really needed an audition, he just got the part as soon as he said yes. Diane Keaton is also very good as Erica Barry, a woman who hasn’t been in “the game” for quite some time and is brought back into it by Harry. Her performance is also great because she finds a way to balance out that cuteness, hilarity, and that endearing real soul behind her character and shows that it doesn’t matter how old you are, you can still be a fine and sexy lady. Their chemistry is great and it’s just total fun to see these two together on-screen.

Consensus: Something’s Gotta Give has two great performances from Nicholson and Keaton, as well as some funny and sweet moments, but feels overly dramatic and has scenes here that may seem unintentionally funny, depending on how you look at them



  1. I feel like you need to be post-menopausal or in the Viagra target demographic to really get this movie. I’ll watch this one again in 30 years.

  2. I have mixed reviews about this film although I always have mixed reactions towards Nancy Meyers film. They have a great look although it’s often very posh for my taste. Yet, they can be very funny and heartwarming. I do love the chemistry between Nicholson and Keaton although I found Keaton to be a bit over the top at times. Still, she does have a nice naked body for her age. I wouldn’t mind going for that.

    I did like the cast though I did have some issues with some of the plot elements and melodrama of the film. If I was to rate it from a 1-10 scale. I would give it a 6. It’s entertaining at least.

    • It’s entertaining but Keaton and Nicholson make this film such a joy to watch and she is definitely boneable at her age no matter what anybody says. Thanks Steve!

  3. While I wouldn’t give this film a higher rating than you did, I remember really enjoying it. It’s a fun romance between two of the greatest actors of all time. The supporting cast, including Keanu Reeves, were great as well. It’s a nice movie to sit down with, but not the best.

    • It’s a nice and fun little enjoyable film that may seem very cheesy when it comes to rom-com standards, but there’s still a lot of fun to be had here. Thanks Max!

  4. OK, I actually really liked It’s Complicated, The Parent Trap, and What Women Want. I thought they were all good movies. This movie, I can’t seem to wrap my head around though. There’s something about Diane Keaton playing a really annoying person in just about everything she’s in that drives me nuts. Or perhaps it’s that she plays opposite Keanu Reeves half the time. Ughhh *shudders* grosses me out.

    But it’s good to read a nice review of the movie. I know I should give it a series try, but like you said, sometimes the cheesiness it a little much.

  5. I think you liked this movie a little more than I did. I don’t think it’s a bad movie, though. I agree that Jack was pretty much just playing Jack.

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